Monday, June 12, 2017

The One That Got Away Update

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“Are we going to get wet?” Lucy asked as Bella curled her hair. “If we’re going to get wet, it seems silly for you to curl my hair, Momma.”

“What are you talking about?” Bella laughed, twisting Lucy’s around the curling iron.

“We’re going to your bridal shower,” Lucy giggled. “When I take a shower, I usually get wet, Mom.”

“Lucy, you are too adorable,” Bella said, kissing her temple. “But, it’s not that type of shower. Essentially, it’s a party for a couple to be ‘showered’ with gifts to begin their new life together. We’re not going to get wet. At least, I don’t think we are. The weather may have other ideas. It looks pretty dreary today.”

“That makes more sense,” Lucy said, blinking up at Bella. “Are you going to wear your pretty wedding dress?”

“I’m wearing that when I get married to your dad,” Bella said. “Today, I’m wearing a turquoise dress that Aunt Alice picked out for me. She also picked out a pretty pink dress for you, pretty girl.”

“Will Daddy be at the shower?” Lucy asked.

“He’ll come with your brother after it’s done. Usually showers are for ladies only,” Bella explained, clipping Lucy’s hair into a pretty half ponytail. “Your dress is in your room, along with a pair of sandals. Aunt Alice said she had some jewelry for you, too, but I’ll give it to you after you’re dressed.”

“Okay, Momma,” Lucy said, hopping off the counter and skipping out of the bathroom. Bella quickly applied her own makeup and smoothed out her curls, tying her hair back into a messy, curly bun. She changed into her dress, a turquoise stunner that was fell off her shoulders. She put on her jewelry and slid on the wedges that Alice said would go perfectly with her outfit. She put on some perfume and Lucy came back into the bedroom. “You look so pretty, Momma.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Bella said, turning to look at her daughter. “But, you are far prettier. Smile for me, sweet thang!” Lucy beamed and Bella took a photo with her phone. “Gorgeous, Luce.” She put her phone down and reached into the bag that Alice brought with Lucy’s jewelry. “This is a gift from Aunt Alice. Tell her thank you when you see her, pretty girl.”

“I will,” Lucy said, tearing into the bag. She squealed, pulling out a turquoise bead bracelet, a turquoise heart pendant and a pair of turquoise button earrings. “So pretty. Can you help me put it on?” Bella put the necklace on, struggling a bit with the tiny clasp. When they were on, she pulled Lucy into her lap and took a few selfies before loading her up into her SUV. 

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