Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The One That Got Away Teaser

“Bella, stop squirming,” Alice chided. “I’m going to poke you in the eyeball with the mascara wand.”

“Sorry, I’m just ready to get married,” she said, blowing out a breath. Alice applied the mascara and quickly moved to the other side. When she finished, she stepped back. “Am I done?”

“You just need your lipstick, but we’ll put that on after you have your dress on,” Alice nodded.
Bella shot up and walked to the bedroom, looking at her simple but elegant wedding dress. With Alice and Sarah, she got dressed and was pleased with how she looked. The dress was slinky, but not overly sexy. Alice tied a rhinestone headband around Bella’s curled up-do and slid the veil into her hair. With a deft hand, her lipstick was applied and Bella was deemed ready to go. The Mike Newton snapped photos of Bella, overlooking the beach as Alice, Sarah and Lucy got ready. Once they were ready, the photographer took photos of everyone in the bridal suite, focusing mainly on Bella and Lucy and their relationship.

“Momma, you look so pretty,” Lucy cooed, tracing her fingers over the pearls Bella wore around her neck. They were a gift from Sue. In her ears, were a pair of earrings from Esme and Carlisle. Charlie purchased the matching bracelet. “You look like a princess.”

“So, do you, pretty girl,” Bella said, kissing Lucy’s hands. “We match with our jewelry.”

“Daddy got it for me, Momma,” Lucy beamed, her toothless smile making Bella chuckle. She’d lost two of her teeth the day before they left for the Keys. Liam also lost a tooth, but it was in the back of his mouth and not noticeable in his grin. Both of them got extra big monetary gifts from the tooth fairy. Bella smirked, hugging her daughter.

“Bella, it’s almost time,” Charlie said. He was tugging on his light grey suit. He hated wearing anything other than his uniform or shorts. This was a huge departure for him.

“You look so handsome, Dad,” Bella smiled.

“Damned monkey suit,” he grumbled, rolling his shoulders uncomfortably. Lucy giggled and Charlie gave her a wink. Bella kissed Lucy’s cheek and stood up. Alice handed her the bouquet of flowers and they took some pictures before heading out to the cabana overlooking the beach where the ceremony was being held. Bella looked through the window, seeing her friends, family and guests all take their seats.

“How’s Edward?” she asked.

“Happy as a clam and eager to be your husband,” Charlie snickered. “He asked me to give you this before you walked down the aisle.” Charlie held up a light blue gift bag, stuffed with coral and ivory tissue paper.

“We said no presents,” Bella grumbled, eyeing the present.

“And does Edward listen? Ever?” Charlie laughed. Bella shrugged, shaking her head ‘no.’ 

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  1. I love this bracelet, I want this bracelet! LOL Where is Edward when I need him??