Figure Eight

Bella Swan is a nationally ranked paired skater with Jacob Black. Edward Masen is beautiful British skater paired with Tanya. However, both of their partners fall into hard times. These two try to navigate their way through life, both on and off the ice.

Bella and Alice's Condo



Living Room


Alice's Room

Bella's Room

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Bella's Bathroom

Bella's Beamer

Alice's Bug

Edward's Car in England
Edward's Car in the States

Edward's Flat

Edward's bathroom

Edward's Living Room

Edward's kitchen

Edward's Bedroom

Edward's Apartment

Edward's sheets, courtesy of Bella

Edward's kitchen

Edward's family room

Edward's bathroom

Edward's Bedroom

Edward's guest room

Edward's dining room

Edward's office

Edward's Entertainment Center



Edward and Bella's suite

Wynn Pool

Nightclub for Edward's birthday

Pool attire

Lullaby costumes
Fever costumes

Finale costumes

First Fun Date

Edward's token of appreciation, Helenite pendant

Edward's token of appreciation, Helenite earrings

Baseball Game with the guys

Tony, Bella's bear

Edward's Tattoo
Edward's Tattoo

Chicago Trip

London Trip