Sunday, June 11, 2017

Married to the Mob Teaser

I woke up, surrounded by a very cuddly and almost naked Edward. He was holding me so tightly to his body. I looked up at him, seeing a troubled look on his face. Even in his slumber, he was worried and afraid. I brushed his unruly hair from his forehead and looked at his muscular body. He was lean, but obviously in shape and took great care of himself. I traced my fingers along his torso, feeling the ridges of his abdomen and the muscles contracting under my touch. Edward caught my hand, kissing my fingertips before opening his eyes. “That tickles.”
“Sorry,” I said, looking up at him. His eyes were red and unfocused. “I just couldn’t resist. You’re so incredibly sexy.”
He grinned crookedly, rubbing his eyes and then groaning. “I knew I forgot something,” he sighed. “And thank you for the compliment. Though, it’s you who is sexy, wearing nothing but my dress shirt and a pair of lacy panties.”
“You looked at my skivvies,” I scoffed.
“They were on display when I came home,” he snickered, getting out of bed and stretching. I saw in between his shoulder blades, a tattoo. It was of the Italian flag, along with the American flag crossed over an image of Italy. I bit my lip, my panties flooding at the sight of his tat. He seemed so uptight, not one to get a tattoo but it made him infinitely sexier. He padded into the bathroom and came back a few moments later, wearing a pair of chic glasses. “Um, dolce, you’re kind of drooling.”
I wiped my mouth, scowling at him. “Am not, jerk,” I snorted. He chuckled, sliding back into bed and pulling me close to his body. “I’m mad at you. Making fun of me.”
“You were ogling me, Bella,” he said, his eyes dancing but they were holding something. There was a distant look of fear, haunting.
“You are sexy,” I said. “And I would not have pictured you having a tattoo. It’s unexpected and yeah.”
“You like my tat?” he purred, sliding his thigh between my legs and laying us onto the bed. I blushed, nodding and tracing his pectoral muscles. His hands glided up my bare legs and he cupped my ass. “Do you have any tattoos? Surprises? Ink that I can ogle?”
“One,” I blushed.
“Where?” he asked, holding me to his body. “I want to see this ink, Isabella.”
“Find it,” I dared him. His brows arched over his frames and he grinned wickedly. He tossed his glasses carelessly onto the nightstand, his lips crushing mine. I whimpered as his tongue invaded my mouth and his hands palmed my ass, massaging it and making me even wetter. He moved me so I was astride his trim hips and he tangled his fingers into my hair. I rocked against him, feeling his huge arousal pressing against my inner thigh.
How in the hell am I going to get that thing to fit in me? Holy crap!
Edward’s hands moved from my hair and he tugged my shirt – his shirt­ – apart, causing the buttons to fly everywhere. “Eager?” I asked, staring into his jade-colored orbs.

“I want to find my treasure,” he said, his voice low and sultry. “Getting to see your gorgeous body is a bonus.” 

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