The One That Got Away

Bella Swan was dreading going back to her ten year high school reunion, over Valentine’s Day Weekend, for Hillsborough High School. Her time in high school in Tampa, Florida was not high on her list of pleasant experiences. She was quiet, unassuming and secretly in love with Edward Cullen. It was that unrequited love that forced her to move away to Seattle, as far from Tampa as possible. He never knew she existed. Or so she thought.

Edward was looking forward to his high school reunion because he was anxious to see the one that got away. Bella Swan was the quiet girl who never really interacted with anyone, but Edward saw that she was something special. But as ruler of the school, he had certain expectations to maintain. It was one of his biggest regrets. His life would have been easier if he had followed his heart. Now, he was a divorced father of two. His ex-wife, Tanya, who was his high school girlfriend, left him for a younger man and abandoned her children.

Will Bella be happy to see Edward or will she stay hidden amongst her classmates? Will Edward finally break the mold that was expected of him and open up his heart to the beautiful and shy Bella Swan? Will he be able to win back the one that got away?

Banner by Clo Rodeffer


Alice Brandon-Whitlock

Bella Swan

Dr. Edward Cullen

Liam Cullen

Lucy Cullen

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Esme Cullen

Tanya, the ex-Mrs. Cullen

Bella's Condo

St. Joseph Hospital

Edward's Parent's House


Living Room

Family Room

Edward's Pool House

Edward's Bedroom

Kid's Bathroom

Edward's Bathroom

Kitchen/Living/Dining Room

Lucy's Room

Liam's Room

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