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Married to the Mob: Fighting for Freedom Update

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“Felix, I want you to be with my wife,” I told him. “With her mom in town?”

“You seem to be the focus of her ire, though, Boss,” Felix grunted. I arched a brow. I could handle myself. Bella was pregnant and could not. She needed more protection. Not me. “But, I’ll stick close to Bells. Her mom is a raging bitch.”

My cell phone rang on my desk. “I’m glad you understand my drift, Felix,” I said, sliding my finger across the screen. “Cullen.”

“Boss? It’s Jake. Something’s up with Bella. You need to get home. Now.”


xx MOTM:FFF xx

I was pacing the length of the hospital room. Bella was sleeping, uncomfortably. Her beautiful face was pinched in pain as she laid on her side, a heating pad on her back.

After Jake called me, giving me a fucking heart attack, I told him to call Alice. She may not be an obstetrician, but she had a working knowledge of what was going on with Bella’s body. Alice did go to medical school. Alice said for Jake to take Bella to the hospital to be checked out. It could be something small like a muscle strain in her back, which was painful, but didn’t ultimately harm the baby. It also could be the beginning of back labor, which would need to be stopped since the baby was nowhere near ready to be born.

If that was the case, Bella would be in that hospital bed for the rest of her pregnancy, however long that may be.

Bella whimpered, shifting on the hospital gurney. Strapped on her belly was a fetal heart monitor. I was an anxious mess, looking at my soul mate in pain. The only thing that gave me solace was the steady heartbeat of my son. He was doing okay inside.

“Mr. Cullen?” Dr. Myerson said, walking into our private suite. She smiled at me tenderly, but relieved. “After running some tests, your wife has strained a couple of muscles in her back. The baby is growing inside, putting more pressure onto her body. Your wife is tiny. You’re not.”

“Are you saying that our son is going to be big?” I snorted.

“Right now? He’s about four pounds, at seven months. Bella also gained fifteen pounds since her last appointment,” Dr. Myerson explained.  “That rapid weight gain, coupled with the baby moving around inside? It caused the strain in her back, hips and pelvis.”

“What can we do?” I asked. “She looks so uncomfortable.”

“You have a couple of options. Pain killers aren’t an option because they could cause birth defects with your baby. She can’t take anything stronger than Tylenol,” Dr. Myerson said. “There are a few unconventional methods for pain management - acupuncture, chiropractic care, exercise, heat and cold therapies and improved posture. You’ve got a great chiropractor in your neighborhood who specializes in pregnancy adjustments. I’ve sent a couple of patients to him with some really great results. No more pain.”

I looked at my wife, sitting down next to her and taking her tiny hand. She sighed, moving closer to me. I pressed a kiss to Bella’s wrist. “What about now?”

“We’re going to keep her overnight. The pain did cause her to have a few Braxton-Hicks contractions. I’d like to monitor that overnight, but since she’s been here, there haven’t been anymore,” Dr. Myerson said. “She’ll be released tomorrow, if all goes well.”

“Can we get the information for the acupuncturist and chiropractor? And should we use a physical therapist for the exercise?”

“Physical therapy might be overkill. I’ll print out the information for the chiropractor. They have an experienced acupuncturist on staff. I’ll also give you some exercises, but swimming, walking and stationary cycling can help. I’ll also give you some strengthening exercises. That will help when it comes time for when your little one makes his appearance,” Dr. Myerson nodded. She looked at me, her lips pursed. “Maybe a physical therapist should be in order. I’ll write a prescription for that.”

“Thank you,” I smiled. Bella’s eyes fluttered and she blinked up at me sleepily.

“I’ll also get you some scrubs. You shouldn’t have to sleep in your suit, Mr. Cullen,” Dr. Myerson quipped. “I’ll also get a more comfortable cot brought in.” She ducked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Bella's hospital room


Detective Peter Maas

Renee Higginbotham Swan Dwyer

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A Modern Day Fairy Tale Update

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After dinner, we sat down in the living room to exchange gifts. Bella was chatting with my brother, who was enamored with her. They smiled easily with each other. I could see him become protective of her, welcoming her into our fold. Mom and Dad were talking with Charlie and Linda. I sat down next to Alice, who was scowling at the Christmas tree.

“Would you like something sweet? Some coffee?” I asked. She didn’t respond, only shrugging. “Alice, we’ve extended an invitation to you and to your family. Charlie, Linda and Bella have accepted the invitation with graciously. You, on the other hand? Have not.”

“It’s because I’m being treated like a criminal,” she grumbled, her nose wrinkled. “Some military guy pulled me into an interrogation room and grilled me like I was …”

“You do know why, Alice?” I asked. “Did he show you the blog post?” She ignored the question, her hard gaze focused on the tree. Her lips were pursed and I could hear her teeth grinding. “Your silence says so much, Alice. You’d do that to your sister? Appalling, really. You sold your soul to the devil, just to make your sister hurt?” I sat back, holding the brandy snifter. “It’s only a matter of time. Trust me, Alice.”

“You don’t know anything,” she sneered. She shot up, leaving the room and heading toward her room. I blinked to Renata. She gave me a curt nod, following Alice. Her true colors were showing and not painting her in a positive light.

“Masen, help me with the presents,” Emmett said, arching a brow.

I stood up, brushing off my dress pants and walking to the tree. It was overflowing with gifts to Bella and her family. We rarely exchanged gifts with each other since we had the means to get whatever we wanted, when we wanted it. We didn’t act like entitled royals. We gave a lot back to our country with donations and our service. “Wow, Mom and Dad really went all out for Bella, Charlie, Linda and Alice,” I chuckled.

“Speaking of Alice,” Emmett grumbled, tugging on my arm. He dragged me to the far side of the tree. “I spoke to Felix, who had a conversation with everyone on staff.”


“Yeah. She did get access from the phone by befriending a servant. That servant has been fired and is in prison,” Emmett explained.

“Did the servant say why?” I asked, my clenching into hands into rigid fists. “All servants sign an NDA. They’re paid well. I don’t understand.”

Prince Masen, on Christmas Day

Prince Emmett, on Christmas Day

Christmas Tree in the Palace

Christmas Tree in Masen Manor