Friday, June 22, 2018

A Modern Day Fairy Tale Update

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I sat on the couch after Masen left, holding the pendant in my hand. Tears fell down my cheeks, and I tried to wrap my head around everything that was going on. Masen was a freaking prince. He was royalty. Why would he want to be with a poor baker’s daughter? I meant it when I said that I was a nobody. I was treated like shit by my sister and I barely loved myself. How could I love someone else?

Shaking my head, I thought about his insistence on becoming our investor. Money and relationships … not a good combo. I didn’t want to … I was afraid that if something happened and he didn’t get his investment back, he’d sue our family. For certain, we’d be out on the streets.

I got up, grabbing a notebook from the kitchen and I made a t-chart of pros and cons of Masen helping us out of our financial dire straits. The pros far outweighed the cons. But, the biggest con was the possibility of losing him. He’d made me feel so special. I didn’t want to lose that relationship. If I was even capable of having that relationship. Hell, I mucked that up when I left this morning. 

God, I suck.

No, Alice sucks. She’s the one who was planting all this bullshit in your head that you’re a whore.

I added that to the con list and I pushed the paper away. I curled up, hugging my pillow and quietly sobbing until I heard the front door open. I sat up, watching as Alice stomped toward her bedroom. Her face was puffy, and she’d be crying. I looked back, watching my dad as he followed her. He closed the door, walking over to his recliner, sitting down stiffly. He looked at me, his eyes swirling with concern and anger. “What happened, Dad?” I asked.

“I’m worried about you, baby girl,” he said. “I heard you crying.” He also picked up my list, pointing to the last ‘con’ statement. “And this is total bullshit.” I bit my lip, holding the pillow. “Bells, I’m going to tell you what I told Alice. She’s turning eighteen in a matter of weeks. If she cannot pull her weight around here, she’s out. I already told her about how I was now considering going to the police for her stealing money from petty cash for her homecoming dress, which she didn’t even attend.”

“What?” I growled. “That’s total crap! She could have returned the dress and the money!”

“She returned the dress and kept the money,” Dad sneered. “Her boyfriend was suspended, supposedly. He couldn’t even go to the dance. So, yeah.” He looked at me. “Things are going to change here, Bells. You deserve happiness and since you’ve come home to take care of me, you haven’t had any happiness. You would get up before dawn, work like a dog and be berated by your younger sister. I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked, and he began crying. I shot up from the couch, hugging him tightly. I could feel his body tremble. “You shouldn’t have to shoulder this alone, Bella.”

“I do this because I love you, Daddy,” I whispered, rubbing his back. “I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

“But, at what cost?” he asked. He sat back, taking my face into his hands. “Masen told me about his offer to be our investor.”

“I told him that I needed think about it,” I said, sitting back on my haunches.

“I understand why you want to think about it, but I’m still the owner of the Swan Family Bakery,” he said, taking my hands in his. “I told him yes.”

“DAD!” I growled, standing up and glaring at him. “How … I … I can’t believe this!”

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

La Donna e Il Dottore Update

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Emmett and Jasper were grumbling, pissed off at their boss’s daughter. Well, Jasper was pissed off, while Emmett was trying to appease her. Bella called, demanding the use of the family’s box at Safeco Field for the Mariner’s game that evening. That was possibly one of the worst ideas since the Wolf Pack had a stronghold near the field in the form of an underground club, used as a hub for their control in Seattle, with a den of drugs, sex, violence and debauchery. It was an unwritten rule that the Swan Family wouldn’t encroach on their territory. Too many possibilities of being attacked, too many uncertainties.

“I swear to God, that if I didn’t love Bella like a damned sister,” Jasper snapped, pinching his nose in aggravation and glowering at the computer screen. He shook his angrily, staring at the map surrounding Safeco Field, deep in Wolf Pack territory. “We’re fucked, Emmett.”

“We’re not fucked. I had some of our guys on the street do some recon for us,” Emmett answered, his fingers flying over his laptop keyboard as he confirmed orders for the clubs despite their being closed for a few days to prevent any further retaliation from the Wolf Pack. “As far we know, the club is closed tonight, per Charlie and Harry. We should be safe.”

“Should be safe and actually being safe are two entirely different things,” Jasper said, scrubbing his face. “I don’t know if my heart can take all of this stress. I’m too young to die, Emmett.”

“We’re all too young die. And too handsome,” Emmett snickered, waggling his brows cheekily. Jasper rolled his eyes. “Will you be positive for once in your miserable existence?”

“I’m positive we’re fucked,” Jasper snorted. “Better?”

“No,” Emmett retorted, rolling his eyes. “We’ll have at least four guys in the stadium and another ten surrounding the field, in the streets. They’ll be discreet, fucker.”

Jasper shot Emmett a glower, who continued smiling like an idiot. “Discreet my ass. Will Edward or Bella drive themselves?” Jasper asked.

“Seth is already going as their driver under Harry and Charlie’s behest,” Emmett answered. “Whatever that fucking means. Seriously, though, when was the last time Bella went out on a date? When was the last time we saw her happy?”

“Never,” Jasper shrugged. “Well, not for as long as I been in the organization.”

“Which is how long?”

“Shortly after Bella’s …” Jasper vaguely gestured to his face. “A friend of mine referred me to Charlie. He was a ‘buyer’ for Charlie and was impressed with my street cred. Also, with my history of being in the military and knowing guns, bombs and such, Charlie was so anxious to have me join his crew. But, I started at entry level, working my way to his inner circle within a year. Alice sold Charlie on me after we got together shortly after I joined the organization.”

“Alice has been close to the family for years, an older sister to Bella, especially after Bella’s mom decided to leave,” Emmett shrugged. “I started as a seller and made my way up the ranks with hard work and busting my balls to create a name for myself. One of the older guys took me under his wing because I ran away from my foster family. The dad was real ‘handsy.’ Suffice it to say, the one time he tried to … I broke his nose, shattered his hand that tried to touch me and left that night.”

“Fuck, man,” Jasper breathed. “How long? How long from when you left your foster home?”

“Um, fifteen was when I ran away and lived on the streets,” Emmett explained, his nose wrinkled. “I tried to pick pocket Harry and he caught me pretty easily. Granted, I was starving from not eating for almost a week and exhausted from sleeping in the rain for almost three months. But, I’ve been under his tutelage ever since. He made sure I finished school, got my college degree in business management and even set me up with Rosie.”

“I never knew, Em,” Jasper muttered. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not something I really broadcast, but Charlie and Harry are both my surrogate fathers. I feel for Bella like she was my little sister. She deserves happiness and really shouldn’t be a part of this bullshit. She’s an amazing girl and … I hate that her light is dimming because of being a part of the life. She doesn’t deserve this shit. Really …”

“That’s why you’re encouraging this relationship?” Jasper asked. Emmett nodded. “Okay, let’s get this shit done. We need our boss lady happy.”