Monday, September 17, 2018

A Modern Day Fairy Tale Update

I apologize for the delay. I had family in town this weekend and was on the go, with little time to write, or even sitting down at the computer. So, as a result, the teaser will be posted on Friday with updates Mondays. 

“What do you wear when you have tea with the queen?” I muttered to myself. I stood in the ginormous closet in the Duchess Suite, looking at the racks upon racks of clothes. They were all in my size, organized by color and occasion. Secretly, I wished that there was a labeled ‘Tea Clothes’ section, but no such luck.

“Lady Bella?” came the accented voice of Heidi. That’s going to take some getting used to. I stepped out of the closet and she bowed to me. That, too. I’m not that important.  “Do you need some assistance?”

“Um, well?” I squeaked. “I’m supposed to have tea with Her Majesty.”

Heidi smiled, gliding into the closet and tugging out a lovely maroon sweater dress. “Her Majesty is traditional, but not stuffy. This would look lovely on you with your coloring with a pair of dark tights and boots.”

“I’m terrified she’s going despise me,” I said, worrying on my lip. “I mean, I’m a nobody.”

“You’re not, Lady Bella,” Heidi admonished. “You’re everything to Prince Edward. I can see how much he adores you. The love in his eyes? He would give you the world, if it were possible.”

“It’s weird to hear him called ‘Edward.’ I’m so used to calling him Masen,” I giggled anxiously, twisting my hair in my fingers.

“Edward is a family name,” Heidi explained. “When he was younger, I called him Masen, too. Her Majesty insisted that we call him Prince Edward when he announced his claim to the throne after his return from the states, shortly after he graduated from university. He’s been groomed for that moment since he was born.”

“I can’t even imagine,” I whispered. “To have your whole life dictated like that. I mean, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina, then a doctor, then fireman and went to school to be a teacher. However, I ended up the same as my dad – a baker.”

“The royal family is given the choice of what they want to do,” Heidi said, sitting me down at the dressing table and curling my hair using a curling iron. “Prince Edward wanted to go to the states for university. He attended and he got his degrees. Only after his return, did he make his decision to ascend to the throne upon Queen Esme’s decision to pass the baton to him.”

“And if he didn’t choose to become the next in line?” I asked.

“Prince Emmett would have been given the opportunity and continuing  along the line of succession until someone took the responsibility. I never doubted, though, that Prince Edward would not take the next steps to become the heir-apparent. His subjects adore him. He’s truly a man of the people. He’d do anything for them,” Heidi smiled. “Plus, he’s easy on the eyes.”

“You’re telling me. He’s the crowned prince and I’m the troll under the bridge,” I snorted.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Lady Bella,” Heidi chided, her lips pursed and her green eyes flashing angrily. I frowned, sitting down on the bed. “You’re incredibly beautiful, with a warmth and tenderness inside you. You’re smart and you make Prince Edward smile in a way that I’ve never seen before. He’s truly in love. Truly happy.”

“He wasn’t before?”

“In love? No. Happy? I wouldn’t use that word to describe him. Content would be more apt,” Heidi said, twisting my hair up and away from my face. She pinned it up and looked at me in the mirror. “No one wants to be just content. Now? Prince Edward has everything he wants. Love, happiness and duty to his country.”

“I just hope that I don’t mess things up,” I shrugged.

“I doubt that, Lady Bella,” Heidi snickered. “Come on. You need to finish getting ready. Her Majesty may not be stuffy but she values punctuality. We don’t want you to be late.”

“Crap,” I squeaked.

Queen Esme of Gevalia

Isabella Swan

Masen Manor

Duchess Suite


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Married to the Mob: Fighting for Freedom Update

MOTM:FFF Chapter One on FicPad

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“As you can see, I am in need of a group of men and women who can help me with the protection of my family and distribution of product,” said my potential client, Amun Cairo. He was tall, handsome and smooth, but with an underlying current of inherent evil. Normally, I’d feel comfortable with him because I was a man of power and also inherently evil, but everything about the man put me on edge. The difference between the two of us was that I had conscience. Amun did not. “I do not have the man power to do all I need to do, Mr. Cullen. You are a man of amazing resources, all at your fingertips. I would love to go into business with you. Your notoriety? It’s limitless.”

I read over his proposal, seeing the flaws in his plan. “Thank you for the compliment, Amun and I can see that you are struggling with recruiting men to sell your ‘product’, Amun. You’re in a unique position, that’s for certain.”

“Agreed, Mr. Cullen. Will you help me? Help my family?” he asked, his teeth blindingly white against his mocha-colored skin. “It would mean the world to me, to my children, to my family.”

“I need to discuss this with my men and do some further research before I can commit resources, weaponry and the large army you’re requesting,” I answered, taking off my glasses. “I’m grateful that you came to me for your needs, but we have to do our due diligence before agreeing to going into business with you.” Amun’s smile faltered momentarily. I stood up, holding out my hand. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Amun. I’ll be in touch.”

“Soon, I hope,” he answered, shaking my hand and trying to crush it with his own.

Jasper appeared out of nowhere, escorting Amun out of my office and I sat back down, scowling at his proposal. Amun Cairo dealt with everything that I was morally opposed – drugs, human trafficking and sex slaves. I pushed the proposal away, my nose wrinkled. “I’m guessing we’re not going into business with Mr. Creepy?” Jasper asked, sitting down across from me.

“We should check him out, even if to see if he’s a potential threat for us,”  I said. “His home base is in Atlanta, but he’s looking to  expand up north, to Chicago, New York and west to Los Angeles. He’s got a dynamic personality and natural ability to lead but doesn’t trust easily. I’m surprised that he even reached out to the consortium. Why didn’t he reach out locally first?”

“Maybe because he doesn’t have any allies down in Atlanta?” Jasper suggested.

“Possibly. Or, he’s so brutal that his reputation is that of a tyrant,” I offered.

“I wouldn’t put it past him. He sells women,” Jasper growled. “What an asshole.”

“He’s trying to expand too quickly and that’s why he needs our help,” I said, flipping through his proposal again. “His own men don’t trust him. At least, that’s what I’m garnering from this report. Why should I send down my men to be killed in this guy’s turf war? For something that I don’t agree with? Yeah. It’s not gonna happen.”

“For now, we’re doing fine with weaponry and technology. Not as lucrative as in years past, but still kicking ass and taking names,” Jasper nodded. “Emmett, though, is expanding the legit business. He’s been named one of the rising stars in Chicago for his work in flipping run-down condos and neighborhoods. Jimmy’s old place? The hottest spot in Ravenswood. It’s like a hipster Mecca.”

“That means that my wife is featured, too,” I grinned. Emmett provided the capital and Bella was the design eye since my brother was completely color blind. She did that, along with working with human resources for our company. For the consortium? She acted as therapist to men and women in my organization. She’d worked wonders for Felix, who was still reeling from the loss of Demetri in a blitz attack by Royce and Stephan. He’s better and is able to be an active member of the team, but he misses his best friend and brother in arms. My loving, compassionate wife helped him cope with that loss. She now had another protector and close friend.

“She is in the article, too,” Jasper chuckled. “Your mom bought as many Chicago magazines as she could. Emmett’s on the cover! Bella’s picture is inside. She looks radiant.”

“Of course, she does. She’s pregnant with my baby,” I smirked.

Amun Cairo

Cullen Headquarters

Edward's office

Breakroom in headquarters


Jasper Whitlock

Edward 'Capo' Cullen

Emmett Cullen

Conference Room

Michael Newton

Tyler Crowley

Seth Clearwater

Dr. Alice Whitlock

Esme Cullen

Isabella 'Dolce' Cullen

Lauren Mallory

Inspiration for baby nurser/playroom