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Shaky Ground Update

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The rest of the shift dragged on. Bella was getting the evil eye from Heidi. It didn’t bother her in the slightest. Bella just worked with her patients, completed her charting and when her shift was over, passed along her notes to the chief resident. Dr. Masen was doing the same with Dr. York and he looked at me. His face was devoid of all emotion, but his eyes were swirling with desire.

Game on, Dr. Asshole.

Bella grabbed her bag and keys, leaving the hospital. She walked to her car, putting her belongings into the back. Edward was doing the same in his car. He captured Bella’s eyes, nodding to his SUV. She locked her vehicle and got into the backseat, Edward following her and closing the door. “I’m here, Masen,” Bella said. “What next?”

“You know what next,” he answered, removing his scrub top.

“No foreplay? No teasing?” she quipped. Edward looked at her and she did have a point. Women were not like men, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

“I want to see your body,” Edward growled out. “All of your body.”

“Turnabout’s fair play, Masen,” Bella said, unbuttoning her blouse and shrugging out of it. The bra today was a sheer pink, lacy and very sexy.

“After I see you,” he said. Bella shimmied out of her skirt. She folded it neatly, putting it on the console before unclasping her bra and sliding her matching panties down her legs. “You teased me with that pussy. Show me.” Bella smirked, spreading her legs and running her fingers down her belly to just above her mound. He looked at her and she was sex personified. Her body was lithe, but had curves in all of the right places. Her breasts were a C-cup, with light pink nipples, pert and erect for play. His eyes moved down her body, homing in on her sex. She had a neat nest of dark brown curls over her bare folds. He licked his lips, wanting to taste her but that was too intimate for what he had in mind.

“Do you like what you see?” Bella asked, her fingers moving closer to her pussy.

“Hmmmm, very much,” Edward replied, moving closer to her. He ran his hand down her midline before circling her clit. Bella gasped, bucking her hips. She looked down at where his hand was caressing, her palms squeezing her breasts. He moved his fingers from her clit, sliding into her entrance and she moaned, her head falling back. She was very wet, rocking her body against his hand. As much as he wanted to just fuck her, seeing her like this was more of a turn on. He curled his fingers inside her, stroking her G-spot. “That’s it, Isabella. Fuck my hand.”

La Musica del Cuore Teaser

“You’re shaggy, Kellan,” I said.

“I need a haircut,” he replied. “I’m just hesitant with anyone going near my shoulders or arms. They still hurt. A lot.”

“Alice can cut hair. She styled Edward’s hair before the final performance,” I smirked. “But, after the party. The longer hair will go better with your costume.”

“What am I going to be?” he asked, arching a brow.

“Alice didn’t tell you?” I snickered. He shook his head. “A voodoo priest. It’s a sexy, but fun costume.”

“I’m not sexy, Bells,” Kellan laughed. “I’m a nerd.”

“Edward would say the same thing, Kellan. And I think he’s the hottest man on the planet,” I smirked. “Rest assured, Alice thinks the same about you.”

After everyone left, Edward and I discussed what furniture pieces we’d want for the nursery and then we tried on our costumes for the party. We were both going as Greek gods. Wearing a toga seemed much more comfortable than a corseted monstrosity that Alice wanted me to wear. Did she forget that I’m pregnant? A corset with a baby belly? Not a comfortable option. Edward was going to be dressed like Hercules, a Greek warrior, with a shield, breast plate, and sexy-as-hell broad sword. Mine was more akin to the goddess of love. The costumes fit perfectly and mine even had room for me to grow in the stomach, thankfully. I was terrified it would be too tight.

The next couple of days were spent making final preparations for the wrap party, plus picking up Aria from the doggy-foster parents. The morning of the party came and it was a typical Los Angeles day … sunny, warm and perfect.

The women, including Esme, Sue, Amelia and Kathryn, came over to my house to get ready. I’d made arrangements for a set of Hollywood makeup artists to come over to do our hair and makeup. I was surprised when the moms decided to also dress up for the party. They weren’t as intense as our costumes, but they were cute. Esme went as June Cleaver. Sue decided to play up her heritage and go as a Native American princess. Amelia chose to be a cat and Kathryn, she was probably the most risqué, dressing as a sexy prisoner, with Senior being her ‘jailer.’

The guys were getting ready at Emmett’s house before he was going to put it on the market. We were all taking separate limos, but leaving from our address.



Edward (minus the cheesy expression)

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La Musica del Cuore Update

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To say the last six weeks after the incident in Las Vegas were a blur was an understatement, to say the least. We got our updated tour schedule and it was packed to the gills with our performances, acoustic sets and appearances. We had our remaining dates that we needed to perform, plus the dates we had to reschedule. We’d just finished what would have been our final date before flying back to Dallas for that rescheduled performance from mid-August, followed by our last performance in Las Vegas.

Peoria and a few other locations just could not be rescheduled due to the venues being used and our personal time constraints. Meaning, the impending birth of our first-born child. Refunds were issued to ticket holders, or exchanges if they didn’t want their money back. We were bummed about not being able to get all of the dates we’d canceled, but it was inevitable. There were a lot of moving parts with the tour.

It was determined that after the final performance, we’d have a wrap party in Los Angeles, which was something that we were looking forward to. The end of our first tour. It was successful in the eyes of the record company, but a personal struggle for all of us. To celebrate its end, we decided it would be a Halloween party and we’d finally announce Bella’s pregnancy to the crew and to our fans. Alice had a public statement ready to go for the press, but we wanted to inform our Midnight Sun crew first. For our family, we’d be revealing the gender. Dr. Castillo put the gender into an envelope and we dropped it off to a local baker who was making the cake for the wrap party when we were in town for our last appointment. The color of the cake beneath the creepy fondant and décor would reveal what we were having … a girl or a boy.

Bree, the woman hired to be our assistant when Alice took over publicity and sharing Kellan’s responsibilities with Nia, was in charge of arranging the party and coordinating our schedule. We were having the wrap party at Hyde on Halloween, a week after our final concert in Vegas.

Five days after the sentencing hearing for Max. Closing that damn chapter, for good.

I knew that Bella was terrified to go back to Sin City. She had nightmares of what had happened in the arena, of what could have happened, but we had Skype therapy sessions with the woman that helped Bella when we first moved to Los Angeles. We were healing, slowly but surely. On top of that, Kellan was back with us. He wasn’t working, but he was supporting us. His arm was strapped to his side, working through his physical therapy. He couldn’t handle being home while we were working our asses off. So, the record company paid a physical therapist to join us on the last leg of our tour. Emmett, Jasper and I helped Kellan work out, as well.

“I’m so glad that the end is in sight,” Bella said, her feet up as I massaged them in our hotel room in New Jersey in mid-October. “Oooh, right there. In the arch. The flats are not very supportive.”

“Alice grumbles about them the entire time,” I snickered. “She misses dressing you all sexy.”

“I think I look sexy,” Bella argued. “Tonight, that dress was up to my hoo-ha! The people in the front row probably got a lovely view of my fat ass, or my support panties, sucking me in.”

“It’s not fat,” I chuckled. She made a face. “You’re beautiful. You can’t tell you’re pregnant while you’re dressed. Alice has done an amazing job putting you in clothes that fit with the feel of the band, but hiding your baby bump.”

“I’m grateful we have two more shows,” she said, sighing contentedly. “I don’t how much longer I can hide it, Edward.” She lifted her shirt, showing me her belly. It was no longer flat, but more rounded. She put her hands on her belly, rubbing it gently. “Nugget, people are going to notice you.”

“I do, but I’m also seeing how much you’re glowing,” I said, moving to her other foot.

“Is that a nice way of saying that I’m sweaty?” she teased, poking me with her toe. Her eyes were dancing and her nose was wrinkled.

Las Vegas Municipal and Judicial Building


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Married to the Mob Teaser

“I promise you that nothing will happen to Bella,” Emmett whispered. “She’s stronger than you think.” I shot up, moving to the window and tried to calm down. “Ed, have faith in your family, in your crew. We love Bella, too. She won’t be touched.”

“Just that photo … it’s burned onto my brain,” I whispered. “If something like that happened to Bella … I would murder the monsters who did that to her, but she’d … she’d be ruined because of her association with me. I’d lose her.”

“Don’t focus on that,” Carlisle said. “She’s fine. She’s at home, working on her psychology papers. When you get home, hold her, love her and never let her go. We live in a dangerous world, Edward. I know that. You know that. Have faith in your family to protect you.”

“Nothing will happen to her,” Emmett said, his ice blue eyes glacial and angry. “I vow my life to protect her. Protect you.” He pulled out a knife from his belt, slicing his hand, blood pouring out of the wound and onto the glass table. “A blood vow.” He held out his knife. I took it, slicing my own palm. I grasped his hand and stared into my brother’s eyes. “I love you, brother.”

“I love you, too, Emmett,” I whispered. We hugged and I let my brother shoulder some of the burden.

“Go home, Edward,” Carlisle said. “What more did you have to do today?”

“Just paperwork. I can do that from my home office,” I shrugged. I wrapped a handkerchief loosely around my hand. Emmett did the same. “You want to come for dinner, Em?”

“I don’t think so. I think you need your woman,” Emmett said with a smarmy grin. “I’ll bug the parentals.”

“Oh, goody,” Carlisle deadpanned, shaking his head at Emmett. He whipped out his cell phone. “Felix, meet me in the basement. Emmett will be joining us.” He hung up and kissed my cheek. “Love you, son.”

“Love you, too, Dad,” I said, blowing out a breath. My brother and father left. I sat down, trying to calm down. I tightened my bandage on my hand, rubbing the cut with my thumb. My brother was on my side, even though it was his ex-wife who had been the one in the photo. No love lost there, it would seem. With another deep breath, I went back to my office. I sent out a quick email about Angela’s vacation to the staff, along with my intention from working from home for the rest of the week, before packing up my laptop. I put on my protective overcoat before I slung my bag over my shoulder. On my way out, I spoke briefly to Jessica, the woman in charge of reception. I asked her to patch any calls to my cell phone for the remainder of the week during the workday. With a wave, I rode down the elevator and got into my car.

I drove to my condo, parking in the garage and riding up to the Fortress first. Letting myself in, I walked into the wall of screens. Jacob was working on the computer. “Jake,” I said. He turned, flashing me a wide grin. “Did your dad call?”

“He did. He told me about your meeting,” he muttered. “That’s some scary shit.”

“Please, keep an eye out,” I whispered.

“Boss, I love Bella like a sister. I would die for her, just like how I’d die for you, too,” Jake said. He blinked back at me, a grimace on his face. “How bad?”

“Let’s just say that they’ve got some sick minds and someone who is really good at Photoshop,” I shuddered. I blinked, unseeing and the image of Bella … I gulped down bile.

“Boss, no one will touch her,” Jake said, standing up and putting his hands on my shoulders. He frowned. “I promise you, Edward. I promise.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’m sorry. This is … I …”

“I get it,” Jake smiled, kind and understanding. “But, those assholes will have to go through me.” He smirked. “And I’m bulletproof.”

“You keep telling yourself that, Jake,” I snorted. “Thank you.” I turned on my heel and rode upstairs to my Bella.

Out of the Darkness Update

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Flying with Charlie was smoother than with Edward. His dark brown eyes watched everything before he banked, moving beneath the cloud bank. Edward’s home appeared and my stomach lurched. I’d said so many hateful things. “He doesn’t hate you. He hates Carlisle right now. He’s mainly sad for you,” Charlie said, moving and landing gently on the back deck.

“He should hate me,” I whispered as Charlie put me down. “I hate me.”

“Sweet girl,” he said, capturing my chin and staring into my eyes. “So much pain.” He growled lowly. “They further punished you by assigning you to Heidi.” He tugged me into his arms. I cried, gripping his polyester uniform shirt. I felt Charlie stiffen. “Carlisle, I suggest you leave her the fuck alone.”

“I only want to apologize,” Carlisle said, his voice meek.

“It was her love and acceptance of me that gave me back my powers. Don’t think I won’t knock you on your ass,” Charlie snarled. “You guys abandoned her! The only people who give a shit about my daughter are Alice, Edward and Esme.” Charlie’s wings were around me. I felt protected, but it was different than how I felt with Edward. It was a parental protection.

“I think staying down here on Earth has corrupted you, Charles,” Carlisle argued.

“Damn right. But, all that matters to me is my child,” he hissed. “She was alone … and hurting and no one cared. I’m disgusted with you and with everything that’s happened. And to think, she’s …” Charlie stopped talking abruptly. “Alice needs help. I hope you have …”

“The legion is already there,” Carlisle said. “Please, come with me, Charles.”

“Charlie. I’m Charlie and I’m not going anywhere,” he spat. “Not until I attempt to make things right with my daughter. She needs me and I’m not going to turn my back on her. Not now. Not ever. And it shouldn’t have happened in the past! My heart is shattering with the amount of pain she feels. Don’t you feel it?”

“Of course, I do,” Carlisle argued.

“It’s an empty pain,” I heard and my heart jumped. “Because Bella feels like she’s just a shell of human.” I turned around as Charlie’s wings loosened. I saw Edward. His face was pale and his eyes were so very sad. “Betrayed … used …” he continued, his eyes narrowed at Carlisle. “You could have prevented this. But, no. You were too pissed off at Charles … Charlie … to even care what happened to the child. I never thought that God would be vindictive. But, this takes the cake.”

“Carlisle, my love, I think you should go,” Esme said softly, but there was an edge to her voice. “Go help Alice. Make this right and don’t open your mouth.”

 Carlisle did open his mouth and Charlie hissed. Carlisle’s mouth clamped shut and he took off, disappearing. Esme looked at me, her eyes swirling with concern. “Come, child … you must be cold.”

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