The Next Chapter
Bella and Edward Masen had their fresh start and our beginning a new chapter in their lives: raising triplets, one of which doesn't speak. Follow along with their families as they learn to deal with a child with special needs. ExB, AH
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Alice and Jasper - Brunch, TNC

 Alice and Jasper - Playoff game, TNC
 Bella and Edward - Playoff game, TNC
 Carlisle and Esme - Brunch, TNC
 Docward...nom nom nom
 Marie and Nessie, TNC
 Edward and Bella - Brunch, TNC
 EJ (Jasper/Alice's son) and Grace (Jasper/Alice's daughter) Brunch, TNC
 Marie, Lizzie, and David (Bella and Edward's children) brunch, TNC
 Rose - Playoff game, TNC

The Masen Home
Marie's Room



Edward's Office

Lizzie's Room

Dining Room

Christmas Living Room

Half Bathroom



Master Bathroom

Guest Room

Kids' Bathroom

Family Room

Edward and Bella's Room

David's Room

Outdoor Pool

Sitting Room


David's Snowglobe

Edward's watch

Rose at Craven

Emmett at Craven

Lizzie's Snowglobe

 Kids' present to Bella
 Kids' Elf Costume at Craven
 Edward's Snowglobe to Bella
Edward's present from Bella (Spelled out Masen)

Marie's Snowglobe

Gag gift from Edward

Kids' gift to Edward

Esme's gift to Bella

Edward's gift to Bella


Bella's gift to Edward

Edward at Craven

Bella at Craven

A Fresh Start
Bella is a recent divorcee, reeling from the abrupt ending of her marriage. In walks a certain green-eyed stranger. Can he convince her trust and love again? Or will she just ignore his advances? ExB, AU, AH
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 Alice's wedding cake, AFS
 Alice's Wedding party, AFS
 Alice's Wedding, AFS
 Bella's announcement dress, AFS
 Bella's engagement ring, AFS
 Bella's Christmas ball dress, AFS
 Bella's bridesmaid dress, AFS
 Bella's bachelorette dress, AFS
 Bella's present, AFS
 Bella's rehearsal dress, AFS
 Bella's Wedding dress, AFS
 Bella's wedding earrings, AFS
 Bella's wedding band, AFS
Dr. Edward Masen, Christmas Ball, AFS

 Edward's wedding band, AFS
 Nessie, AFS
 Bella's rehearsal jewelry, AFS
 Bella's wedding jewelry, AFS