Thursday, May 18, 2017

The One That Got Away Teaser

“I know you closed on your bungalow in the chief’s neighborhood, but when are you moving?” he asked Alice.

“After Christmas. We’re spending Christmas with my family in Seattle. Then, we’re packing up the truck and making the cross-country trip to Florida, stopping in Austin, to celebrate New Year’s with Jasper’s family,” Alice said. “I’m lucky. I can work from home and with Bella’s schedule, I have flexibility to unpack and set up our house.”

“Bella’s schedule?” Edward asked. “Isn’t she going back to the university?”

“She is, but she’s also going to be flying to and from LA for status checks on the production of Mafia Princess,” Alice explained. “The first one is at the end of February and the next one is just prior to start of filming in late March, while she’s on spring break. I just told Bella this while you were at your meeting with the hospital board this morning. How did that go?”

“I’m so lucky I have Dr. VanDuzor on my side. I’m not losing any time in my fellowship, nor will have to make it up. I am on FMLA and legally, they can’t force me to do that. Jenks, my attorney, fought for me, along with my mentor and boss,” Edward chuckled. “Though, I’m itching to get back in the game. I’ve received a few shifts at the hospital between now and when I go back full-time.”

“Good,” Alice nodded. She looked over to the twins, who were now playing in the family room. Alice skulked over to Edward, wrapping her arms around his. “And what about putting a ring on that girl’s finger?” she hissed. Alice waggled her brows, smirking conspiratorially.

“I have a plan,” Edward laughed. He quickly told Alice about what he was working on with the twins. He’d already found a ring for Bella and it was being made. This weekend, however, while Alice and Bella enjoyed some time a nearby spa with Edward’s mother and Sue, Edward was going to take the twins to choose some mother’s jewelry for Bella, using their birthstones. Alice approved and clapped her hands excitedly.


“When what?” Edward asked, taking the pasta and emptying it into a colander before adding it to the chili.

“When are you going to put a ring on it?” Alice queried, smiling impishly. 

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