Friday, September 2, 2016

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Flying … yeah. Not a fan. I think with time, I’ll get better, but flying in the private Swan Hotel jet was an experience that I’d not soon forget.

“Here, Edward,” Bella said, handing me a bottle of water. “You still look super pale.” I took it, smiling sheepishly. “Don’t worry about being sick in the plane. I was not a fan when I went on the jet, either. But, you’ll quickly learn that flying commercial sucks.”

“I’ve never flown. Period,” I snorted, taking a deep pull from the water. The limo was driving us to the villa rental. It was overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a large pool and four bedrooms. It seemed like too much for just the two of us, Bella wanted us to have a secluded location. Our trip was going to be unplanned, with no excursions unless we wanted to do something. We just wanted to be alone and were desperate to reconnect as a couple. I’d worked with Dr. Benson and I felt like I was ready to take that next step, making love to Bella. We’d been fooling around, but had yet to cross that bridge. Who would have thought that dry humping would be so hot? Plus, I wanted to wait until I got the all-clear from Dr. Banner. Which I got the day before we departed for Kauai.

Despite my not-so-illustrious sexual history, I was free of any and all sexually transmitted diseases. I was in excellent health, actually. The only issue were my scars and Dr. Banner gave me a name of a plastic surgeon to reduce the scarring on my back, wrists, and the top part of my ass. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it, but I had the option.

“Edward, you’re spacing out,” Bella said, brushing her fingers through my hair.

“Just thinking and looking at the gorgeous scenery,” I smiled, pulling her closer and kissing her neck. She melted against me, her arm squeezing my waist. “I’m glad we’re here. This is so different from Seattle and Forks.”

“It is and it’s exactly what the doctor ordered,” Bella replied. “With everything that happened, we needed to get away.”

“Agreed. Stepping away from the mayhem was a brilliant idea, bellissima,” I said. “Esme’s conviction, Charlie’s revelation and just the insanity of life. And being here in paradise is ideal. I might not want to leave.”

“You just don’t want to fly again,” Bella teased. The limo pulled up to a gorgeous home in a gated community. “Ooh! We’re here!” The limo parked and the driver unloaded our bags, handing Bella a key. “Thank you.” He drove off and we unlocked the door and were greeted by an open concept villa. “God, this is gorgeous!”

“It is and it smells so sweet,” I said, walking outside to the exquisite lanai and huge pool. Bella walked outside, sighing contentedly as she snuggled in my arms. “Seriously, I don’t want to leave. This is heaven on earth. I’ve got my gorgeous girl in my arms, living in the lap of luxury.”

“Well, this girl is exhausted from being up at the butt crack of dawn,” Bella giggled, tugging me into the master bedroom on the main floor.

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