Monday, September 5, 2016

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Edward slept so well in Hawaii. He still cuddled around me, holding me close to his body but his nightmares were non-existent. The only time they made appearance was the first night on the island after we’d seen each other naked for the first time since Jacob and Seth’s wedding. I knew that Edward was still coming to grips that I would not hurt him, but after being abused for so long, he was definitely not used to be touched lovingly, softly and with care.

Each time we’d fooled around prior to that first time in Hawaii, clothes had stayed on. He’d roll his body against mine until we both climaxed, but we never saw each other’s bodies. But, once the clothes came off, Edward was ashamed of his body, despite the fact that he was physically stronger than he’d been before. He still felt like he was being punished. Since that day, we’d explored more of our bodies but had still yet to make love.

“You know it’s rude to stare,” Edward said, blinking open his jade-colored eyes. They were soft and filled with so much love for me, despite his teasing. “Do I have something on my face?”

“No. You’re just beautiful,” I said, laying down next to him and brushing his sun-lightened hair away from his face. His pale skin was now tanned and gorgeous. His scars almost disappeared with each day we were on the island. “So relaxed.”

“All of my fears are back in Seattle. Here? I feel like I’ve been reborn,” he smiled, rolling on his side. He was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. I was dressed in a black negligee and a pair of lacy boy shorts. He pulled me closer, tracing the angel’s wings on my back. He was shocked that I had gotten such a larger tattoo on my back. With Rose’s help, starting in January, I got these beautiful wings on my back representing Edward’s freedom and my growth as a woman. It took almost a month, but I was pleased and hearing Edward’s gasp when he saw them, it was worth it. Just like when I had seen his tattoos for the first time. “What’s on tap for today?”

“Whatever you want to do,” I beamed. “We could explore the island. We’ve spent most of our trip here at the villa.”

“I saw something on the computer about a sunset cruise. We could do that tonight,” Edward suggested, his fingers gliding down my spine and making me shudder. “Perhaps, a helicopter tour tomorrow morning?”

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