Saturday, September 10, 2016

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Staring out the window of the private jet, I watched as we approached the airport just outside of Seattle. Bella was sleeping next to me, her head cradled in my lap. She woke up sick the morning we left. It was a cold or a sinus infection, but she was miserable. Her loud snores filled the cabin, almost waking up but whimpering in her deep, husky voice, raspy from the sore throat.

“Mr. Masen, I’m sorry,” said the flight attendant. “We’re getting ready to land. If you could wake up Ms. Swan and have her put on her seat belt.”

“Thank you,” I replied, giving her a friendly smile. She moved back to the front of the cabin I shook Bella awake and she grumbled. Begrudgingly, she sat up and put on her seatbelt. However, she did put her cheek on my shoulder and continued to snore in my ear. No human should make those noises. Even a gorgeous human such as my bellissima. Ignoring her obnoxious snarling, I gazed back out the window. My mind was racing about how much my life has changed in almost a year.

I had found love.

I was free of Esme’s almost daily torture.

Esme was found guilty of her crimes and will be sentenced according to the law.

My mom, while my relationship with her was still strained, was getting stronger every day. She was almost back the woman I remembered from my childhood. But, I was still bitter about her retreating into her mind. I probably always will be.

I lived through hell to provide medical care for her and it was all in her head.

Well, and Esme’s deal with the doctors keeping my mom medicated.

On top of all that, Bella’s dad, who had been my dad’s best friend, dropped this bombshell that I’m a multi-gazillionaire. I owned half of Swan Hotels, LLC. Bella and I were business partners.
Once I sign the paperwork that Charlie gave to us prior to our departure to Kauai. If I want to sign the paperwork.

Who are you kidding? You’re signing the paperwork. 

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