Thursday, August 25, 2016

Public Service Announcement

I thought I could do it. I really did ...

But, I just can't.

I can't keep up with this updating schedule. I recently got a promotion at work. As a result, I have a lot more responsibility at work and I have to put in significantly more hours. Those hours cut into my writing time. When I get home, I want to decompress. Writing can do that for me, but with the update schedule, it feels like work.

So, I'm deciding to put some stories on hiatus and focus on ONE story at a time. The plan is to focus on Buying Love. That one is close to the end. There will be about one hundred chapters and I'm on chapter ninety-three. I'll post updates probably as soon as I finish them, or at least the following day (giving you a teaser). After Buying Love, my attention will turn to So You Think You Can Dance? I'm hopeful that it will be finished by Halloween. I'm thinking that it will be around twenty-seven chapters. Then, I'll come back to The One That Got Away and La Musica del Cuore. 

I hope you all understand my reasoning, but I'm just overwhelmed.

And that's putting it mildly.

I need more hours in a day. Or a personal assistant. Or both?

Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. You do what is best for you I understand I will continue to red your stories as you write them they are worth waiting for. God bless you.

  2. Do what you need to do I love your stories and can't wait to read more as you post them.