Saturday, August 27, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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“I definitely feel more confident about our disco routine,” Jasper said, sucking down some water. “Thank you, Edward, for your help. I know that you didn’t need to help.”

“Jasper, it’s not a big deal,” Edward replied. “I know how hard disco is.”

“I thought that disco was just like John Travolta in Staying Alive,” I snorted, stretching out my body. “You know what I mean?” I moved my arm, crossing it over my body with my finger pointed. Edward laughed and Jasper rolled his eyes. “What? You have to admit …”

“She has a point,” Jasper chuckled. “However, I’ll be happy once this is done. I’m just afraid that … I don’t want to be eliminated. I got this far and to be eliminated now?”

“We’re all feeling it,” I replied, putting on my sneakers and tossing my heels into my bag. “I’m grateful for the day off today, but knowing that tomorrow is camera blocking and then we perform the day following? It’s daunting. We’re so close to the end, but the dream could come to a screeching halt.”

“Don’t think of it that way,” Edward said. “Look at a number of previous contestants who were eliminated. They all have started lucrative careers in dance with the help of the show. Myself included. I got the opportunity to choreograph, performed in various locations and I’ve received offers to perform in other venues. Did I have these opportunities prior to being on the show? Not to the extent due to my celebrity. Don’t think as being eliminated as a bad thing. You will still be marketable because of your time on the show.”

“I never thought about that,” Jasper murmured. He shrugged, smiling at both Edward and me. “Thanks, Edward.”

“I do try. Let’s get something to eat before I drive you back the house,” he said. We put on some loose clothes and went to In-N-Out Burger, devouring delicious burgers and large milkshakes. I was quiet, not really paying attention to Edward and Jasper as they prattled on. “Bella? Angel, are you okay?”

“What? Sorry,” I said, blinking back to them.

“You were spacing out, Bells,” Jasper said as he stuffed some fries into his mouth.

“Just thinking about the competition, the rehearsal tomorrow, performances the day after that …” I said. “I didn’t mean to space out.”

“I still think it’s all of the sun from yesterday,” Jasper snickered. I nodded, still exhausted from National Dance Day. “I know I’ll have no problems falling asleep.”

“I’m going to soak in the tub and then crash,” I said.

“Well, let’s get you guys back,” Edward replied, taking out his car keys. We threw out our garbage and Edward drove us back to the house. Jasper waved and sauntered inside. I turned to face Edward. He looked very scruffy with three-day’s worth of stubble and a backwards baseball cap. “You sure I can’t convince you to come back with me? You said you sleep better with me.”

“I know, but when I came back from spending some time in the pool before going to our rehearsal with Jasper, I felt like my shit was rifled through,” I frowned. “I want to make sure that no one is pulling some bullshit. You know?”

“No one, meaning Malice?” Edward snorted.

“Bingo,” I said, smirking. “I love sleeping with you and snuggling next to you, but with a wild card like Alice, I just don’t trust her.” 

Alice and Benji, Contemporary
Fix You by Coldplay

Jacob and Jasmine, Bollywood
Tandau Music by Aatish Kapadia

Jasper and Lauren, Jazz
Emergency by Icono Pop

Bella and Edward, Hip Hop
After Party by Dorrough Music

Tyler and Emily, Broadway
Moses Supposes from the musical, Singing in the Rain

Tia and Amun, Salsa
Put it in a Love Song by Alicia Keys, featuring Beyonce

Alice and Tyler, Rumba
Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Jacob and Tia, Contemporary
Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

Bella and Jasper, Disco
When Love Takes Over by David Guetta, featuring Kelly Rowland

Opening Group Number, Jazz
Ramalama (Bang Bang) by Roisin Murphy

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