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The One That Got Away Update

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Bella was staring off into space, her foot tapping nervously under the counter. Once she was done with work, she was driving to SeaTac to pick up Edward. It had been a month since their high school reunion and he was finally coming into town. They spoke often on the phone. Well, as often as Edward’s hectic schedule permitted. Things got crazy in the beginning of March when he saved that little boy while on a field trip.

He was interviewed by the press and featured in a segment on the local news. Additionally, he was given two awards. One was from the elementary school, congratulating him and lauding him a hero. The second award was from St. Joseph Hospital, for thinking and working under fire, saving the little boy’s life. The was a third in the works from the fire department and city, but he hadn’t received that yet.

The boy was fine, save for a scar on his neck from the emergency airway. He bonded immediately with Edward and thanked him for saving his life. Unfortunately, the boy’s mom, Jessica Stanley, had grown attached to Edward and was almost stalking him, asking him questions and flirting with him. She was pregnant and looking for a baby daddy. At least that’s what Edward told Bella. Politely, he declined her advances and made sure that his intentions were clear. He was the son’s doctor and not Jessica’s future boyfriend.

“Bells! You’re in another world,” Jasper said, sitting on the counter. “You okay?”

“Just excited, anxious, giddy, nervous,” she blushed. “Edward’s arriving tonight.”

“So, that’s why you have PTO,” Jasper smirked. “A little long-distance loving?”

“Not so long distance,” Bella replied. “Skype sex is not nearly as intimate as the real McCoy.”

“True dat,” Jasper nodded. 

Bella's Condo

Living Room/Dining Room

Guest Bathroom


Bella's Bedroom

View from Bella's Bedroom


Master Bathroom

Living Room

Dining Room

Living Room

Dining Room/Patio

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