Tuesday, July 26, 2016

La Musica del Cuore Update

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Bella and I didn’t want to leave my parent’s home after our performance in Albany. Bella was shaken by the discovery of the alleged sabotage with the electrical issues and broken drum set. Hell, so was I. I was terrified that one of those very heavy lights would crash down on one of our heads during the performance. Lou assured us that they would double, triple check everything, but it didn’t assuage my fears, nor my wife’s. I wanted to stay in the safety of my childhood home where there were no chances that a psycho stalker would try to kill us.

But, that wasn’t happening.

We had a tour to put on and obligations that went along with that.

Bella was talking to my adoptive mother while I packed up our bags in my room. Carlisle, my adoptive father, came into the room and he gave me a sympathetic smile. “Where are you heading next?”

“Philadelphia. We’re supposed to do some touristy things and then an acoustic set, along with a meet and greet in some music store,” I replied. “The next day, we’re doing our concert at the Wells Fargo Center.”

“Sounds hectic. I don’t know how you and the rest of the band stay sane,” Carlisle snorted.

“Having something to do on the bus occupies our time while we travel. The fact that we’re all so close helps, too,” I shrugged. “Though, our relationship with Emmett is rocky at best right now because of his drinking and philandering.”

“Not to pry, but how does that impact his part in the band?”

“His drinking makes him stupid, which makes us as a band look bad. In regard to his infidelity, that’s another notch against us. We pride ourselves on our integrity and Emmett’s actions are negating that reputation. Plus, he went to rehab and he was clean for three months! Also, his actions are causing huge repercussions in his marriage,” I answered. “He and Rosalie are separated.”

“I’m not surprised,” Carlisle said, picking up a book that I’d grabbed from the library in the house. “This is good. I enjoyed it. It’s not what I expected, but reading about a world where you have repopulate the human race after a major infection that nearly wipes out everyone … I think you’ll like it. Bella, too. There’s a romantic element with the two main characters.”

“She was the one who picked it out. She’s in the middle of this other erotica series that makes her squirm,” I chuckled, blushing slightly. “My wife is weird and only wants to read real books. She has an e-reader, but she misses the feeling of turning a page, smelling the ink on the paper, and holding the book. So, we have a date to go to a book store in Philadelphia. She needs more books, but I have no idea where we’re going to put them. Our library is damned near full.”

“An escape from the craziness of touring, hmmm?” Carlisle laughed.

“It would seem,” I said, closing our suitcase and tossing the book into my messenger bag. 


Golf Outing


Cleveland, Shooting Range





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