Thursday, July 28, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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The waves calmed and I collapsed on the bed, panting like I’d just run a marathon. Edward pressed soft kisses to my core, my inner thighs and up my body until he was hovering over me. His lips were still glistening and he looked like the cat who got the cream. I couldn’t speak since my brain cells were fried. I pulled him down to me, kissing his mouth and tasting my essence on his lips. He rolled us so we both on our sides and he held me close to his body, our lips moving languidly together as I regained the ability to talk. Pulling away, I looked into his eyes. “I hope you’re not tired, Mr. Cullen. We’re so not finished yet.”

“Bella, no. This was about you,” I said, my hands still moving along her pale, alabaster skin. “I’ve been wanting to feel you, touch you, taste you since I bumped into you at the Portland auditions.”

“You think I’m not the only one?” she purred, leaning forward and barely touching my lips with hers. Her body rolled and it pressed my erection against my thigh. “You think that I don’t feel how hard you are?”

“Seeing you,” I whispered, “feeling your body completely tense and then relax after I …” I trailed off, not wanting to offend her with my dirty mouth.

And it was dirty. Fuck was my favorite word while having sex, closely followed by wet, pussy and tight.

“After you licked my pussy?” she asked, her eyes dancing with desire and mirth. Hearing her say that, it made my cock twitch between us. Her hands glided down my torso and onto my board shorts. She barely touched my hardness and I moaned. “I want this. I want you. I’m not ready for sex, but you’ve given me pleasure and I want to return the favor. I need to taste you, Edward.” Her lips kissed my jaw, licking my skin as she captured my earlobe with her teeth. “Don’t deny me this one wish.”

Her mouth was right against my ear and her warm breath fanned over me, making me shudder. When her tiny hand cupped my arousal, I was lost to her, needing her mouth around my cock. “Bella,” I breathed, tightening my grip on her lithe body. I felt her smile against my neck as her nimble fingers worked on untying the laces that held up my shorts. She cupped my cheek and kissed me, her tongue gliding easily into my mouth. Her hand pushed me onto my back and she straddled my stomach. I could feel her sex on my belly.

She. Was. Still. Wet.

Kill me, dead. 

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