Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The One That Got Away Update

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Edward dragged his weary body home after almost three days at the hospital. Apparently, a lot of kids caught what his children had, but much more severely, which led to sick doctors and nurses. If you were healthy, you worked.

On top of that, the little boy that he had worked on from the car crash, he didn’t make it and that shattered Edward’s heart. They had worked on him for an hour in the trauma room and for another eight hours in surgery. Edward assisted since it was his hand that was, at the time, keeping child’s hear pumping.

All Edward wanted to do was raid his daughter’s Mr. Bubble stash, soaking for days. Parking the car in the garage, he stumbled into his house behind his parents. He could still faintly smell burnt chicken piccata and vomit on top of the antiseptic scent that Anna, the cleaning lady, used.

“Ugh, I need to light some candles,” Edward said, pulling out a flame thrower. He lit up two in the kitchen, one in the guest bathroom and another in the living room. When he got to the bedroom, he smiled because the scent in here was different. It was a combination of both him and Bella. The sweet fragrance of her perfume and scent of arousal, even three days after she left, was still there. “No candles in here,” he murmured, grinning crookedly. 

Edward's Kitchen/Living Room

Edward's Bedroom

Edward's Bathroom

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