Tuesday, July 5, 2016

La Musica del Cuore Teaser

We all nodded, getting up and leaving Emmett and Kellan in Jasper's room. Riding down the elevator, we got on the bus and drove to the Bell Centre. Once inside, we ate a quick lunch and then got outfitted with our ear protection and ran through each of the songs we'd be performing, no lights or theatrics. Timmy, as usual, sounded amazing and he was confident when he was finished.

The guys went to shower in the locker room while Alice and Nia helped me get ready for our concert. My hair was curled and I looked like a Vargas girl, with pin curls and a large red flower in my ponytail. My makeup was also retro, with a bright red lip and cat-eyed eyeliner. Before I changed into my dress, we all ate dinner in one of the locker rooms. I didn't eat much since I was an anxious wreck. I was worried about my brother.

Would he sign the contract? Will he leave if he doesn't? How can we regain our lost trust in him?

I was also anxious about the show. I didn't doubt Timmy's abilities, but the physical differences between the two were obvious. Would the audience know that we were having these issues and would they continue to come to our concerts? It was all craziness and I just pushed my food around my plate, not able to focus on anything but the negative things that were happening to us as a band and to Edward and me, individually.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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