Friday, July 22, 2016

The One That Got Away Teaser

Edward hung up the phone with Jessica, who was a mess, over what happened to her son. She said she’d be there as soon as possible and thanked Edward for doing all he could. When he was done, he dialed his mom. “Edward,” Mom breathed. “I have Liam and Lucy. They’re completely shattered and upset, so worried about Seth. How is he?”

“I don’t know,” Edward said. “I’m going to find out and then I’ll need Dad to come pick me up. My car is still at the school.”

“Oh, Edward. Are you okay?”

“Not really,” Edward mumbled. “Kiss my children for me and tell them that I love them.”

“We love you, too, Daddy,” they chimed.

“Was I on speaker phone?” Edward chuckled.

“Yes,” Mom said. “Call your father when you’re ready to come home, Edward. I love you, baby. I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks,” Edward muttered, ending the call. He picked up a chart and went to do some work, even though he was technically off. It helped him focus his attention away from Seth. He wanted to call Bella, but he knew that she was meeting with her editor this afternoon for the final approval for her newest novel, which included a marketing plan, an online Facebook launch and several giveaways. He didn’t want to disturb her. Later, he’d call her later.

As Edward was filling out paperwork to discharge a little girl with a sprained ankle, a very haggard Jessica Stanley came into the hospital. “I’m looking for Dr. Edward Cullen. He called me about my son, Seth?”

“Jessica,” Edward called, letting her in through the security doors.

She ran through, gripping his arms. “How’s my baby?” she asked, her eyes wide.

“I don’t know. I was down here waiting for you,” Edward explained. “Did Lauren call you?”

“No. Mrs. Prendergast called me shortly after you did, telling me that Seth was at St. Joe’s,” she whimpered.

“Just give me a moment and we’ll go upstairs. Have a seat,” Edward said, leading her to a bench. She nodded, wiping her tears away. He finished his notation on the sprained ankle. “Instruct the patient on how to use crutches and to follow up with her regular doctor.”

“Any sort of boot or immobilizer?” asked the nurse.

“Boot and give her the number for the orthopedic doctors here at St. Joe’s,” Edward said, signing the paperwork. “I’ll be upstairs in the radiology suite with Ms. Stanley.”

“Understood, doctor.”

Edward led Jessica to the elevators and they rode up to the radiology suite. “Tell me what happened,” Jessica whispered.

“Your son ingested peanuts. He ate some crackers with peanut butter inside,” Edward muttered. “Lauren gave him the crackers. He stopped talking, grabbing for his throat and collapsed, losing consciousness.”

“Oh, God,” Jessica moaned. “Did the epi-pen work?”

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