Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fandom Against Domestic Violence

Hey all! I know I've been missing-in-action recently. I took a class in the city for the past week and I'm almost done with it. I just have to write the final reflection paper and then I can get back to writing for fun! Yay!

With that being said, I've decided to sign up for a fundraiser. My submission for the fundraiser will be an future-take from Star Crossed. Rere97 shared a plot bunny she had for the story and I'm going to run with it! Thank you, Rere!

Her idea revolves around N'essie. Once she was old enough, she joined Galaxy Fleet. She went through her training and became a healer, a doctor, the first in her class in Galaxy Fleet Medical. Aboard the ship, Valiant, N'essie, along with her fellow crew mates are deployed to a battle along the Solarian/Romulan border. They are there to provide medical relief for the Solari people and help end the battle.

On one of the Solarian colonies, along the edge of Romulan territory, N'essie and her team of doctors, nurses and medics transport down to provide aide to the injured Solarian, Human, Talaxian and Cygnarian people living on the planet. In the midst of a raging battle, N'essie finds an injured man and instantly, her heart stopped, recognized the unconscious, broken Solari man as her mate. With the help of her staff, they do their best to stabilize him, but he's fallen into a deep coma.

Transporting aboard the Valiant, N'essie heals the man's wounds, but his mind is a jumble of memories, horrors of battle and a sweet voice, trying to calm him. N'essie begins her vigil by his side, trying to heal the injuries in his mind. However, she gets lured into his dreams, his mind, his memories. Will it be too late for N'essie, lost in the man's Fractured Dreams? 

There will be mention of Nirabelle, Edward and the rest of the crew, but this story will revolve around N'essie and her mystery man. Anyhow, here's the information about the fundraiser. You can find information about where to donate and important dates here: Fandom For Domestic Violence. The most important thing is that you need to donate $10 to an organization that benefits victims of domestic violence. There are a couple of options on the website. The compilation will be sent out on October 15th and stories can be shared publicly on December 15th.

Please consider donating to this cause. I've been lucky, never being in a relationship that was violent, but I have known people who have been hurt by the ones that supposedly love them the most. $10 is two Starbuck's coffees ... you can do it!

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