Friday, July 22, 2016

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It was close to nine by the time Carlisle and I finished wrapping our presents. We both were pretty awful. After going through a full roll of wrapping paper, all of it crap, Carlisle drove to a nearby Walgreens and cleaned them out of gift bags and tissue paper.

That was significantly easier, thank you very much.

Placing our bags underneath the tree, Bella, Rose, Carmen, and my mom were all at Bella’s dining room table, laughing and gabbing away. “I think that security is going to be called,” Carlisle deadpanned. “Your cackling can be heard in the lobby.”

“Stop it,” Bella giggled, holding her side. “I think your cursing the wrapping paper could be heard throughout the hotel. How long did you wait before you crumbled?”

“I know where you live, Isabella Marie,” Carlisle warned. “Are we ready for tomorrow?”

“Almost,” Rose replied. “There’s one more thing that I need to get and I’m picking it up tomorrow morning. Bella ordered a delicious feast.”

“But, I’m making my famous spice cookies and homemade egg nog,” Mom smiled. “I wanted to do more, but Bella said that we needed to enjoy Christmas and not work during Christmas.”

“It’s true. The past few months have sucked. Not gonna lie,” Bella said, sweeping her mess of curls into a ponytail. “I want us to bond as a family, because that’s what we are. A family. No cooking, no stressing, just talking, having fun and exchanging gifts.”

“But, part of the Christmas experience is the cooking and the stressing,” Mom laughed.

“You can do that next year, Elizabeth,” Bella replied, hugging her. “This year, let me spoil you all. Okay?”

Mom kissed Bella’s cheek and got up stiffly. Rose helped her to her feet and guided to where Carlisle and I were standing. Mom looked up at me, wary and unsure. I pushed my anger behind me and I hugged her. “I’m looking forward to your cookies, Mom. They were my favorite.”

“I’m making them just for you, my swe …” she said, cutting abruptly. “My Edward.” She hugged me as tightly as she could, which wasn’t very tight. I kissed her forehead, feeling her shudder against me. “I love you, baby. So much.”

“Love you too, Mom,” I replied. Rose took her hand and they left with Carlisle and Carmen. Bella was bustling around, cleaning up the snacks on the dining room table, along with the mess surrounding it. “It looks like a Christmas ornament exploded in here!”

“We had a little too much fun with the wrapping paper,” Bella giggled. “Your mom told us some stories of you when you were a kid.”

“Not the chimney story,” I groaned, grabbing the garbage can. 

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