Monday, July 25, 2016

The One That Got Away Teaser

“Bells! You’re in another world,” Jasper said, sitting on the counter. “You okay?”

“Just excited, anxious, giddy, nervous,” she blushed. “Edward’s arriving tonight.”

“So, that’s why you have PTO,” Jasper smirked. “A little long-distance loving?”

“Not so long distance,” Bella replied. “Skype sex is not nearly as intimate as the real McCoy.”

“True dat,” Jasper nodded. “We’re going out with you guys this weekend?”

“Yep. Alice wanted to cook for us, but I reminded her about her lack of cooking skills. I don’t want to take my boyfriend to the hospital because he has food poisoning,” Bella deadpanned. “I love your wife, but her cuisine leaves much to be desired.”

“I agree. That’s why we eat out so much,” Jasper laughed. “Are we coming to you or meeting you at the restaurant?”

“Coming to my condo. We’re going to have some pre-dinner drinks,” Bella said. “Then, we’re going out to Elliott’s Oyster House.” Jasper wrinkled his nose. “You have to get over this aversion to fish, Jas. It’s good!”

“I like steak,” he pouted. “A big meaty steak.”

“There’s steak on the menu,” Bella sighed. “You’re such a big baby.” Rolling her eyes, Bella shut down her laptop and stuffed it in her bag. Swiping her jacket and tossing her bag over her shoulder, she got up, kissing Jasper’s cheek. “You’ll have fun. I promise you.”

“There’s really steak on the menu?” Jasper asked, arching a brow.

“Yes, there’s steak. I’m off. I have to change before picking up Edward at the airport,” she said.

“Why are you changing? You look great,” Jasper said, gesturing to her blue skirt and coordinating top. “And I know that Alice would definitely approve of the skirt.” Bella blushed, smacking him. “It’s true. I’m speaking from a guy’s perspective. After being separated from the woman I love for a month. I want easy access. Flip up your skirt, tear off your panties and go to town.”

“You’re an ass, Jas,” Bella groaned. “Good bye. See you on Saturday. And don’t think I’m not telling on you to your wife.”

“I’ve been a bad, bad boy,” he purred, smiling evilly. “Maybe Mistress Alice will whip my ass for being an ass.”

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