Friday, July 1, 2016

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With the help of my mom, Uncle Peter and some very helpful employees of Swan Towers, Jessica being the most enthusiastic, I had managed to set up a winter wonderland in Bella’s foyer and suite. Rose had mentioned that Bella hadn’t had a proper Christmas since her mother died. Charlie was always too busy with work and Riley, her ex-husband, didn’t believe in any of this. Christmas was one of the few pleasant memories I had and I wanted to recreate that. Granted, Christmas was a few days away, I needed to set up her home for the holidays. I had yet to get her a Christmas present, but I wanted to do this.

In addition to the decorations, I also made some food for us. It wasn’t gourmet, but healthy and filled with protein, which we both needed. Plus, I called down to room service for a dessert tray, filled with tasty morsels of their best desserts. That was in the fridge.

When Bella came back out of her … our bedroom, she looked so innocent and sweet. Her sleek hair had been pulled back into a messy ponytail and her alabaster skin was scrubbed free of the makeup she wore. Her gait was still uneven and her legs still didn’t cooperate at times, but she was getting stronger. Giggling, she sat down and proclaimed that this was the best date ever.

“I beg to differ, Bella. It’s not much,” I blushed.

“Seriously, you don’t know what it’s like. If you’re single, you have to go through all of this bullshit to get a man. Tight skirts, skin-baring tops, makeup and coy flirtation. Being able to enjoy a date at home, in pajamas? That’s fucking awesome,” she smiled. She plucked an olive from the antipasto tray. 

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