Friday, May 13, 2016

The One That Got Away Update

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Bella ran her fingers down his slightly stubbled cheek, staring him and giving him a seductive, sexy smile. “Show me,” she said. She reached into his pocket and took out the hotel key. “Show me, Edward.”

With a hasty goodbye to Angela and Ben, Edward and Bella went up to the suite he’d reserved. As they rode up the elevator, Bella grew more anxious while Edward was trying to keep his carnal desires at bay. He knew that Bella was inexperienced and he didn’t want to scare her. He wanted to cherish her, show her how much he cared; how much he loved her.

He did love her and loved her since high school when they were partnered together in biology.
Arriving at the suite he’d reserved, Edward helped Bella inside. She walked into the room, staring at the funky but lavishly decorated suite. She tossed her purse onto the couch and ran her fingers along the bed. Edward removed his suit coat and loosened his tie, watching her with rapt attention. Her body was so lithe and graceful. She turned around, looking at Edward shyly. His heart nearly burst seeing her innocence and her blooming trust in him.

“There are no expectations for tonight, Bella,” Edward said, crossing to her and taking her in his arms. “We can just cuddle, sleep together …”

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