Thursday, May 12, 2016

La Musica del Cuore Update

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“Bella, you have to get this dress. It’s so cute!” sang Nia.

“She’s right, Bells,” Alice smirked as she sorted through the racks at our favorite vintage clothing shop off Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

“I’m going to need a freaking tour bus for just my clothes,” I snorted. “And now with the both of you on my case? I don’t know what’s worse!”

“We’re both clothing fanatics,” Alice said, waggling her brows. “And we love playing Bella Barbie with you. You have the perfect body for all of these sexy clothes.”

“What I wouldn’t give to wear just plain jeans from Target,” I laughed. “And a t-shirt! Oooh, I miss sneakers, too. I want my Chucks!”

“Bella, you are a fashion plate. Girls want to wear what you wear. You have to portray the image,” Nia said, arching a brow over her thick frames. “Wearing jeans and t-shirts, they don’t fit with that image. Well, jeans, paired up with a sexy top, yes. But, a t-shirt? A total travesty!”

“She was the same way in college, too,” Alice quipped, holding up a cute skirt and handing it to me. “She fought, tooth and nail, when we used to take her on shopping sprees.”

“And I haven’t changed one bit,” I sighed, picking up a sexy blue dress that left little to the imagination. “Oooh, Edward love this on me.”

“He’d love to take it off with his teeth,” Alice giggled. “But, you’ve changed, Bells. You now have exquisite taste when you’re buying clothes for my brother. Definitely, very sexy.”

“So?” I argued. “Is it a crime for me to make love to my husband? To buy sexy little outfits to make him drool?”

“Nope, but you two are like fucking rabbits,” Alice said.

“That’s putting it mildly. I never knew that you and Edward were so loud,” Nia guffawed. “Jasper said that was normal, par for the course.”

“At least my man knows how to satisfy me,” I sang, carrying the dress and the skirt that Alice handed me to the changing room and trying it on. It fit perfectly, hugging my curves and making me look sexy and alluring. I decided on getting it, even though I didn’t need the dress. The skirt, however, was not that sexy on my body. I decided on not getting that. Draping the dress over my arm, I walked out of the changing room. “We need to wrap this up. We have a rehearsal in an hour. I said I’d bring dinner for the guys.”

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