Monday, May 30, 2016

The One That Got Away Teaser

Forty minutes later, their meals were delivered by Peking Duck Dynasty. They shared a double order of crab Rangoon, egg rolls, orange chicken, fried rice, and broccoli beef. It wasn’t the romantic meal that Edward had planned, but it was just as delicious without the messy cleanup. Unfortunately, Edward’s house did have a lingering odor from the ruined chicken piccata that forced them to eat outside and for Edward to light some fragrant candles inside.

“I’m so full,” Edward groaned, patting his flat tummy.

“Me, too. You know, though, in an hour, we’ll be starving. It’s the cruelty of Chinese food,” Bella snickered. “But it was sooooo good.”

“It was,” Edward smiled. “So, tell me about your life after high school. You know my sordid, sad tale. All I know is that you work in a library in Seattle.”

“Well, I went to University of Washington, getting my degree in literature and a minor in creative writing. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with that because I knew that I did not want to teach,” Bella quipped. “I love kids, but I don’t have the personality or the patience to teach. I’m too shy.”

“You’re not shy,” Edward argued.

“No, I am. Even now, I don’t really talk to people that I’ve just met and I prefer the solitude of my condo in Seattle than the nightlife. My best friend, Alice, tries to draw me out of my shell, but it usually backfires,” Bella chuckled. “I’ll come back to her. She’s a hoot. Anyway, I worked in the school’s library and I loved it. I decided to get my master’s degree in library science. It took two years and I was hired almost immediately to head up the non-fiction department. I’ve got a small staff and I love it.”

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