Tuesday, May 31, 2016

La Musica del Cuore Teaser

  “I think I’m going to take a nap,” Jasper yawned. “I’m still exhausted and my early morning wakeup didn’t help matters.” He winked at Nia, patting her bottom.

“What? I got an email alert about your performance. I had to congratulate you,” Nia purred, kissing Jasper’s nose.

“With your mouth?” he growled, sweeping her in his arms and running them back to his room. “Turnabout is fair play, Nia!” The door slammed shut and muffled squeals filled the suite.

I shot a glance at Alice and she was smiling, shaking her head, but I knew that she was hurting. Her eyes were dull. I wanted to ask if she was okay. As if she knew that I was going to say something, Alice got up. “I’m going to hit up the gym and then enjoy some time in the spa. I’m due for a pedicure. Bella, do you want to come?”

“Gym, no. Spa, yes,” I giggled.

“I’ll make the arrangements,” Alice said, walking over to me and giving me a hug. “Congratulations, guys. I’m so proud of you.” She kissed Edward’s cheek and left the suite.

Emmett was still perusing the web, randomly blurting out positives about our performance. He was beaming, over-the-moon excited about all of the good news. Edward and I were curled up on the couch, idly listening to him. I even dozed off thanks to Edward’s tender touch along my back. Emmett barked when his cell phone went off. “Shit! It’s Rosie. What do I do?”

“Answer it, you goof,” I said grouchily. My nap was disturbed by his yelling. I huffed and buried my nose into Edward’s belly while he chuckled quietly. He went back to rubbing my back, dragging his fingers through my hair. Emmett darted out of the living room and into his bedroom. His excitement for Rose calling him was barely contained.

“Sorry about crashing last night. I really wanted to have some fun with you, but once I saw the bed all I wanted to do was sleep,” Edward said. I looked up at him and saw that he was blushing. “I’ll make it up to you tonight, baby. I promise.”

“Edward, I was just as tired as you. Though, trying to get into bed was a challenge since you were spread eagle and drooling. I barely had a corner,” I giggled.

“You could have pushed me,” Edward said, moving so he was laying down with me.

“In case you haven’t noticed, you’re all muscle and it’s not easy for little ole me to push your muscular ass,” I said, running my fingers through his hair. “You were down for the count, Edward. Eventually, you moved and I had more than a corner.”

“I am sorry, cantante,” he said, kissing my nose. “Despite the fact that I slept like a freaking rock, I’m still tired. Nap with me?”

“Nap as in sleep or nap as in get freaky, like Jasper?” I asked.

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