Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dream ... possible plot bunny?

So, I took today off. My air-conditioner guy is coming and I got to sleep in! WOO HOO! I so needed that since I was so freaking exhausted after two super late days of work. My feet are still swollen from standing. Anyhow, I had the weirdest, hottest, intriguing dream ever.

Bella is in a BDSM, collared relationship with two men - Edward and Jacob - for several years. They spend their weekends making love and playing in their playroom. It's hot, all of them sharing each other and having an amazing, loving relationship.

During the week, Bella is a psychologist, working with troubled teens and young adults. Jacob is a lawyer and Edward is the head of cardiology. Their relationship goes on the back-burner during the week, but they still live together.

One day, a nurse, Tanya, in Edward's department, comes onto him and he politely pulls her off him. He explains to her that he's in a committed relationship and that it would not be appropriate for her to continue her pursuit of him. Tanya is jealous and angry, files a sexual harassment suit. Edward is placed on administrative leave while the hospital tries to get to the bottom of this. Jacob represents his lover and the relationship between the three of them, Bella, Edward and Jacob, gets pushed to the wayside for four-month long investigation.

While this is happening, Bella is attacked as she is leaving her office by a high former patient. He'd developed a made-up relationship in his head and he raped her. She drives herself to the emergency room and goes through the rape exam on her own. He left DNA and within a few days, he's arrested and admitted to his crime. He's placed in a psychiatric facility and Bella is left to deal with the fall-out of her attack on her own since Edward and Jacob are trying to clear his name of the bullshit sexual harassment suit.

Months go by and Bella becomes more and more depressed, withdrawn and sick. She finds out that she's pregnant, which is a surprise since she took the morning-after pill and she had severe endometriosis, making it difficult for her to get and sustain a pregnancy. It is also too late to abort the baby. The day she discovers her pregnancy, Edward is cleared of all charges and finds his sub, laying listlessly on the couch. She congratulates him about his win, but doesn't say anything about the baby.

The only baby she wanted was theirs. Now, she had this monster's child inside of her and she was sick. The next day, she decided to give the baby up for adoption and she's paired up with Alice Whitlock, a childless mother. Making the decision, Bella packs up her belongings and prepares to move in with Alice and her husband, Jasper. As she is finishing up, Edward comes back from work, which is a new, more state-of-the-art hospital, shocked to see Bella's packed up in boxes.

He asks her about her moving and she shows him her swollen baby belly. Tears are tracking down her face as she described the rape. However, neither man even cared about her or asked what was wrong when she came back in shambles. They were too engrossed in Edward's sexual harassment case. Edward goes to hug her, but she flinches, terrified of a man's touch. His heart breaks as he sees the woman he loves fall apart and that he had a hand in it. She rolled her suitcase out of her room, explaining that the movers would be by in the morning and past Jacob, who overheard their conversation in the hallway. He's just as upset.

She drives herself to Alice's home. Jasper and Alice will provide Bella with a home and pay for her medical bills until the baby is born and then, Bella was moving away. Far away from the pain of her past.

But, Alice knows that Bella still loves Edward and Jacob.

One day, a month after Bella moved in, she visited Edward at the hospital. He was miserable, barely surviving, knowing what had happened to his girl ... but not his girl. Not anymore. Alice explains to him that Bella still cries out for both of them at night, but mainly Edward. She saw how much this killed her new best friend, but the separation from Edward and Jacob, was making it worse.

And then, I woke up ...

Should I write it? It's a sad, angst-filled story. I want to go back to sleep so I can find out how it ends. Will Bella go back to Edward and Jacob? Will they get their happily ever after? Only my subconscious knows.