Sunday, April 10, 2016

Restoration Update

It's been one amazing journey for these three. What started as a contribution for the Fandom for Domie has turned into one of my favorite stories. Thank you to Domie for giving me the plot bunny to play with. But, the Renovations Trilogy is now complete. They all got their happily ever after ... ;-)

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“Why am I out with you buying Kate’s wedding ring? I though you two weren’t getting married until next summer,” Bella grumbled, waddling in the jewelry store. She was massaging her back. It had been hurting since she woke up this morning. “Garrett, talk to me.”

“Shit,” Garrett grumbled, turning to look at his best friend’s heavily pregnant wife. “Pretty girl, you should probably sit down.”

“If I sit down, I won’t be able to get up. Spill it, mister,” Bella griped, glaring at Garrett.

“So, Kate got sick about two months ago. She had to go on antibiotics. And well, um, antibiotics made her birth control not work,” Garrett said, his ears turning a bright red. “She’s six weeks pregnant. We’re getting married in Lake Tahoe on New Year’s Eve. I wanted to fly to Vegas, but Kate still wanted a ceremony and her family there. She hasn’t told them about the baby since her dad would probably castrate me with a rusty spork, but she’ll be small enough to hide her baby bump. You know? Kind of like you and Edward.”

“You could tell I was pregnant, you moron,” Bella snorted.

“Now, you can,” Garrett snickered, putting his hand on her very swollen belly. “At your wedding, it was barely noticeable.” She harrumphed.

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