Sunday, March 6, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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“Bella, did you tell the post office to forward your mail to the ‘Top Twenty Mansion’?” Rose asked as she struggled to close her suitcase. “And the power? Telephone? Oooh, what about the newspaper.”
“Yes, Rose … and we don’t get the paper, you goof,” I said from my room, zipping my bags and dropping them off into the foyer of our shared apartment. I walked to her bedroom, laughing at what I saw. She was trying to zip up her luggage while sitting on top of it.  “Did you do the same?”
“I’m not that blonde, Bells,” she snickered. “I need your help.” I walked into her bedroom. She was sitting on her bag, bouncing on it and trying to zipper it closed. She was not doing too well.  “Put your skinny ass on here. Maybe your ninety pounds will help my bag close.”
“I weigh more than ninety pounds, you bitch,” I snorted, sitting next to her. My weight did help close the bag. She kissed my temple, slobbering all over my face. “Gross, Rose.”
“Sorry,” she said, removing her teeth whitening tray and walking across the hall to her bathroom. She was rinsing it out as she talked. “I want to make sure my pearly whites are white and not yellow. How do they look?” She came back in, giving me a freaky, wide smile.
“Fine,” I answered. “Are you almost ready to go? The limo is going to be here in twenty minutes.”
“That was the last bag,” Rose replied, wrinkling her nose. “Do you think I should pack another bag? I don’t know if I have enough clothes.”
“Rose, you brought your entire freaking closet. I think you have enough clothes,” I deadpanned. “And I think they have laundry facility in the ‘Top Twenty Mansion’.” Rose gave me the finger, checking her bedroom once more. I made sure I had everything in my carryon before I settled onto the couch. My cell phone vibrated on the arm of the couch. It was a text from Edward. I picked up the phone, dialing his number. I wanted to hear his velvety voice.

It was so fucking sexy. 
Top Twenty Mansion

Edward's Apartment

Alice and Nahuel's performance
"Mad" by Neyo

Rose and Demitri performance
"Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen

Bella and Tyler's performance
"Hip, Hip, Chin, Chin" by Club des Belugas

Tia and Jasper's performance
"Voices of the Savannah" by DJ Chius

Opening Group Number
"Brand New Day" from the musical, The Wiz

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