Sunday, March 6, 2016

Restoration Update

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With Garrett’s help, Edward did find a perfect engagement ring for Bella. It was elegant and classy, a platinum setting with three round cut diamonds with pave-set diamonds around the larger stones and down the shoulders of the ring. However, Garrett and Edward spoke in more detail about Bella’s trepidation to get married. Edward decided to purchase the ring but not present it to her on her birthday. He did buy a large, right hand ring that married her bold style with an old-fashioned twist.

Edward did surprise Bella with a trip to Idaho for her birthday. Edward’s parents owned a large home in Sun Valley, Idaho. Edward’s father never used it since it brought back too many memories about his late wife, but he didn’t have the heart to sell it. Instead, Bella and Edward spent five days creating new memories for her birthday.

Not to mention, christening every flat surface imaginable.

She loved her time with Edward in Idaho and said that she wanted to come back. The time there was idyllic, tranquil and exactly what the doctor ordered. Edward promised to bring back as often as she wanted.

Upon their return, Edward contacted his father in Chicago, asking if he could purchase the Idaho house. With MasenKeyes Construction, he had a huge nest egg and could afford it. Edward Masen Sr. told him he could just have it. He was happy that his son was in love. Edward Masen Sr. wanted to do this for his son since he had all but abandoned him when his mother died. Making the arrangements, Edward received a package by the beginning of November stating that the Idaho house was officially his. 

Bella's Engagement Ring

Bella's Right Hand Ring

Kate's Engagement Ring

Idaho House

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