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With Essie’s help, Bella planned the perfect wedding for her and Edward. It was going to be on the land of their Idaho house under the stars in late May. The decorations were going to be elegantly rustic with a sparkly flare. The wedding was going to be attended by a small number of people, including all of the Volturi brothers, their wives, Edward’s father and his new girlfriend, and all of the close friends that Bella had made in Seattle. Even the D’Amatos, the couple she helped with their adoption of their son in New York City, were going to be in attendance.

Today, Bella was at her final fitting for her wedding gown. She didn’t want to get a traditional gown, since she had already been married and was pregnant with Edward’s baby. However, after much convincing, Essie had her try on a beautiful lace, strapless dress. It was sleek, elegant and perfect for their wedding. With the empire waist, it had enough room for her growing belly, too. Being only four months along, her belly was not too large. She was only obviously pregnant when she was naked. Edward loved to caress her stomach, kissing it often when they showered.

After the fitting, Bella was going to fly out to Idaho with Essie and Kate to ready the house. Edward was having his bachelor party with Garrett and a few of their friends before driving out the following day in Bella’s Land Rover.

They arrived in Sun Valley a little after six at night, settling into the house. Bella ordered pizza, not wanting to go grocery shopping since she was exhausted from getting up early for the fitting and the stress of traveling. Sitting on the porch, Essie and Kate were drinking some merlot while Bella sipped some grape juice. “In three days, you’ll be Mrs. Isabella Masen,” Kate smiled. “Can you believe it?”

“I can’t wait,” Bella said, swiping another piece of pizza. “I never thought I’d ever get married again, but now? I am anxious for Edward to be my husband. For us to start this new chapter in our lives. How are your wedding plans coming, Kate?”

“Good. Excellent, really. Everything is scheduled for next summer. I’ll be done with school by then,” Kate answered.

“Why are you waiting so long?” Essie asked, topping off their wine glasses. “By the time you get married, it’ll be over two years of an engagement.”

“Garrett is my forever. I know that. He knows that. We just want to make sure that it’s for certain. I’m moving in with him once my lease is up in a month. He purchased a small home in Fremont. He’s doing some renovations and remodeling before he moves in while he’s still in his apartment,” Kate explained.

“Garrett showed me the house. It’s this cute little craftsman on 50th street. I’m helping him with the interior design,” Essie said. “It’ll be a combination of the craftsman feel with modern touches.”

“I saw the sketches, Es. They are beautiful,” Kate swooned.

“It’s the least I can do for my go-to carpenter,” Essie snickered. “Garrett has built some really amazing pieces for homes that I worked in.”

“Well, be forewarned. Garrett can’t cook,” Bella chortled. “The man can burn water.”

Idaho House

Sneak Preview of Bella and Edward's Wedding

Garrett's Home

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