Monday, March 28, 2016

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“I also checked on Carlisle. That man could wake the dead with his snoring.”

“I’ll get him. Do you want some coffee?” I asked.

“I can get it,” he replied, walking to the kitchen to make himself a cup.

I nodded, walking to Carlisle’s room. He was snoring, sawing logs with the obnoxious sounds coming from his mouth. His chest was bare and I could see the scar from the gunshot wound on his torso and the other near his hip. “That cannot be human,” I grumbled, tugging the pillow from underneath Carlisle’s head. His snoring faltered, but resumed as he rolled onto his stomach, revealing his naked ass. “Oh, gross!” I wailed. Using the pillow, I smacked his head. “Cullen! Get your naked ass up! Don’t you own any pajamas?”

“Up in your dad’s suite, you brat,” Carlisle said, shooting me a withering glare. “What the fuck are you doing? Waking me up at the crack of dawn?”

“It’s seven, Carlisle,” I said. “I’m going to court in an hour …”

“Oh, right,” he replied, scrubbing his face. He started shuffling to get up. I turned on my heel, not wanting to see Carlisle’s junk. The man was like a father figure to me and I’d definitely be scarred for life if I saw Carlisle’s family jewels. I sat down at the dining room table, next to Edward.

“Everything okay?” he asked, putting down his coffee mug.

“Carlisle ... Naked ... Saw ... Ass?” I squeaked.

“Carlisle saw your ass?” Edward chuckled.

“No, I saw his,” I whimpered. “It was so white and droopy.”

“MY ASS IS NOT DROOPY!” Carlisle bellowed from his room.

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