Friday, March 25, 2016

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I was making some grilled cheese and tomato soup. I remember loving that when I was feeling down. My mom made the best grilled cheese, with American, cheddar, provolone and mozzarella. It was decadent and I hoped that Edward would like it, too. As I was dishing up the grilled cheese and pouring the creamy tomato soup into an oversized mug, Rose and Emmett walked in.

“Hey, guys,” I said. “I was just making Edward a snack. Obviously, today has been a cluster.” I picked up the plates and moved toward the bedroom.

“Unfortunately, the clusterfuck is about to get even more fucked up,” Emmett muttered his breath.
I looked at him, glaring at him. “What do you mean?” I asked, trying to keep my voice even.

“You can’t not tell her, Emmett,” Rose said, arching a brow.

“Sooooooo,” he hedged, running his hand through his cropped hair. “We did the search on Esme’s office and found a lot of damning evidence.”

“That’s good news,” I said, my stomach churning.

“It would be great news if a newbie patrol cop hadn’t fucking lost her,” Emmett snarled. “We went to formalize her arrest and she was gone. All of the employees were placed in a conference room. Esme Platt was not in that fucking room.”

The tray of food fell from my hands and I let out a god awful screech, clawing my hands into my hair. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! HOW THE FUCK DID SHE GET OUT?!” I screamed, running toward Emmett and slapping at his arms. He covered his face as I wailed on him. I was angry, livid at him, at the cop, at fucking Bitchme. I felt a pair of arms around my waist, dragging me away from a cowering Emmett. We slipped onto the floor and were both covered in tomato soup. I glared at Emmett with ire and loathing.

Bellisima,” Edward said soothingly. “Breathe.”

“Emmett, tell Edward what you told me,” I sneered. “You’re supposed to protect him from her, Detective McCarty!”

“I’m sorry! I thought she was under control with Officer Maruzek,” Emmett frowned. “All of the employees, really. He’s one of the best on the force.”

“Apparently not, unless he’s under her influence,” I spat.

“Esme got away?” Edward asked quietly as he held me in his lap. 

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