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Bella ended up staying in the hospital for two days. She was more dehydrated than anticipated and malnourished because she was throwing up everything she ate. The baby was fine, but was sucking the life out of her. Marcus wanted to put Bella on medical leave until after little sparrow was born. She would still act as a consultant, but would be able to do that from home and she would not step into a courtroom until she was ready.

She put the kibosh on that quickly.

“I’m pregnant. Not handicapped,” Bella reasoned.

Marcus said that if she needed time off, he’d gladly give it to her. She did take a week off after her stint in the hospital since she was still weak and dizzy. Edward catered to her, helping her in every way. She was grateful for his doting ways, but felt suffocated by all of the hovering. In addition to Edward’s help, Kate hung out when she wasn’t in classes. Garrett randomly stopped by, bringing over Bella’s favorite foods – which made her nauseous more than anything. Esme and Carlisle even popped in. Bella knew that they were all concerned because of her outburst in the hospital, the fact that her pregnancy was high risk and congratulating both Edward and Bella on their engagement, but she was feeling stifled.

When she was feeling better, she went back into the office and dove headlong into a new case just to get away from the revolving door of well-wishers and overprotective fiancĂ©s. At the end of the week, Marcus leaned against the doorjamb of Bella’s office. “I’m glad you’re feeling better, Swan, but you’ve got a lot of family members who are concerned about you,” Marcus quipped.

“They’re the reason why I’m hiding out in here,” Bella said, taking off her reading glasses. “I love them all, but they are treating me like I’m made of glass. Yes, I had a dizzy spell and an overemotional reaction to finding out that I’m pregnant. I’m not crazy.”

Bellisima, I know you’re not crazy. They know you’re not crazy, but they love you. We all do. Right now, you need to take care of you. And if that’s having a heart-to-heart with the people in your life right now, then so be it. However, they are all there for you because they want the best for you and your mini sparrow or whatever Edward calls your baby. He called me today.”

“Edward?” Bella asked, her brow furrowed.

“Yeah. He’s afraid that you don’t want to get married,” Marcus said, sitting on the corner of Bella’s desk.

“What? Of course, I do. I want nothing more than to be his wife, but with everything I have on my plate,” Bella argued.

“Bella, I’m saying this as your business partner, your boss and your friend. This doesn’t matter. All of this,” he gestured to the pile of files on her desk for an overseas adoption, “is small potatoes. I love you like a daughter, Bella. You are an amazing attorney and I’m honored to have you as my partner. Right now, though, you need to be with your family, your fiancĂ©. Until after your mini-penguin is born, you are on medical leave.”

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