Thursday, February 25, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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“Bella, you should see the medic,” Rose hissed. We were seated in the house after we’d learned the contemporary choreography by Travis. I was in the first group that went up for our time to dance the contemporary piece. It was flowy, romantic and ethereal, matching the music, ‘A River Flows in You’ by Yiruma.  I’d been deemed safe by the judges and I was trying to stretch out my knee before the final solos. “It’s swollen and you’ve got a huge bruise.”

“I’m fine, Rose,” I barked back, but I knew she was right. “All I have to do is get through the last round of dancing and then I can rehab it at school until we begin filming. Almost six full weeks!”

“At least wear your brace, Bells,” Rose pleaded. “Remember what Alistair and what Edward said. If he knew that you were pushing yourself, he’d rip you a new one, Isabella Marie Swan!”

One of the producers shushed us and we apologized. I reached into my bag, pulling out my brace and a pair of long, black yoga pants. I tugged on my brace along with the pants, pulling my hair back into a messy bun. I couldn’t wait to get into the shower and scour all of the grime off my body. The production promised that if we did make it to the Green Mile, we’d be treated to a morning at the spa, along with professionally done makeup and hair. I was just anxious to have a full body massage. The other stuff was slim pickings.

The judges were downright lethal in this last round of choreography. Favorites were cut to pieces and eliminated. One guy, Jeremy, I thought he would win it all but he was downright clumsy in the contemporary round. The judges tore him up, dismissing him from the competition. I was lucky. I was with several contemporary and jazz dancers and I easily caught on to the choreography. I, personally, got rave reviews.

Alice did not.

It was a little bit childish, but I felt somewhat vindicated that the judges gave her such harsh critiques. They didn’t eliminate her, but they did say that her spot was in jeopardy if she didn’t show the wow in her final solo. She smiled, thanking the judges for the second chance, running off the stage. Her eyes were filled with tears, but I couldn’t bring it in my heart to feel sorry for her. She should have been eliminated based on her performance. 

"A River Flows In You" Orchestra Version, Featuring Yiruma
Contemporary Callback Music

"No Air" by Jordin Sparks, featuring Chris Brown
Rose's Final Solo Audition Music

"Everything" by Lifehouse
Bella's Final Solo Audition Music

"Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira
Bella's description of Edward's pelvic thrusts (LOL)

America's Top Twenty Dancers

Alice Brandon - Latin Ballroom

Angela Weber - Ballet

Bella Swan - Contemporary

Chelsea Brill - Latin Ballroom

Jane Volturi - Latin Ballroom

Jessica Stanley - Jazz

Kate McGovern - Contemporary

Maggie McCallister - Hip Hop/Crump

Rosalie Hale - Hip Hop

Tia Senna - Latin Ballroom

Alec Volturi - Latin Ballroom

Ben Cheney - Hip Hop

Demitri Chesterton - Contemporary

Felix Lester - Hip Hop

Garrett Gregory - Contemporary

Jacob Black - Contemporary

Jasper Whitlock - Tap

Mike Newton - Jazz

Nahuel Garza - Hip Hop

Tyler Crowley - Latin Ballroom

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