Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Restoration Update

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A couple of months had passed. Leah, after meeting with her defense and divorce attorney, conceded that she was higher than a kite at the court appearance when she tried to abduct her daughter. She was going to plead out to the charges against her and act as a material witness against her now ex-boyfriend. Additionally, she signed the divorce papers and relinquished her parental rights. Jacob decided to move closer to the family that Nessie had lived with for over six months and keep her with her friends. Nessie was staying with the Cullen’s while Jacob packed up his modest rental home in Port Angeles, moving into a small guest home on Carlisle and Essie’s property. He’d pay them rent in addition to keeping the house clean when they were in Seattle, in their condo that Garrett and Edward had rehabbed for the Cullen’s.

Garrett and Kate were going strong, turning into that couple. The obnoxiously romantic, affectionate and nauseatingly cute couple that made out at the drop of a hat. Garrett loved her, but had yet to tell her. He was afraid that she didn’t feel the same. It was a topic of conversation that plagued Garrett and Edward’s time when they worked together. Edward was ready to call Kate up, explaining that Garrett loved her with his whole heart and would give his left nut for her. Garrett stopped his ranting after that.

Edward and Bella were still in the midst of the sexbargo, but Edward was hoping that would change tonight. Bella said that she wanted to spend the evening at her house tonight and that she had something important to ask Edward.

In her house, Bella was working, with Essie’s help, to make room in her home and her life for Edward. After that night at Gameworks, Edward had rarely gone back to his apartment. It seemed silly for him to keep his place. She knew that she had a very solid future with Edward and asking him to move in with her seemed like a step in the right direction. Was she ready to marry the guy? Not so much. 

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