Friday, February 26, 2016

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I watched as Edward eventually drifted off to sleep. He was exhausted, but I could tell that his sleep wasn’t restful. His face was drawn and his muscles were tense, almost ready to strike. I frowned, incredibly pissed off at what Esme did this to this sweet boy. No one should have been through this.

“Sleep well,” I whispered, brushing a hair away from his forehead. He flinched, but eventually snuggled into the bed. I got up from the bed and went into living room. Bella was curled up in on the couch and crying, a steady stream of tears falling down her pale cheeks. “Little One.”

“I’m fine, Carlisle,” she said, wiping her face. “I’m just …”

“Concerned? Worried?” I asked, sitting next to her and holding her tightly.

“Feeling guilty. I should have done more, Carlisle,” she hissed. “MORE. I let my stupid fucking pride get in the way and he was tortured almost two months in the clutches of Bitchme and her evil, disgusting minions. He’s broken and it’s my fault.”

“No, Bella. It’s not. It’s Esme’s fault. It’s her fault that Edward’s like this. Not yours,” I soothed, rubbing Bella’s back.

“What can I do for him? I’m terrified that he won’t trust me ever again,” Bella muttered, leaning her cheek against my shoulder. “Carlisle, will he come back from this?”

“Despite all he’s been through, Edward still sees the good in people,” I whispered. 

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