Thursday, February 11, 2016

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“Bella, come on! We’ve got to go!” Rose grumbled.
“I’m just submitting my paper for curriculum development,” I said, trying to get the website to go faster. It was dragging since the server was slow. I had just finished proofing my paper, turning it in early since I was going to be in Los Angeles when it was due. I had turned in the rest of my assignments, but this was the last one. Too bad technology decided to be a bitch. “God damn it all to hell! The website just freaking crashed!”
“Can you print a hard copy and turn it into the professor as we leave?” Rose asked, her brow arching. 
I nodded, printing my paper to our now functioning printer. Once it was out, I stapled it, tossing it into a folder and going down to my truck. Rose did not want to leave her Mustang in the long-term lot. My hunk of junk, which my father had bought when he was in high school and that loved immensely because it was my dad’s, was less likely to be stolen since you had to finagle the ignition and pray that it would start. I had the touch and no issues in getting it to start, but Rose struggled every single time. We put our bags behind the seats and drove to campus. I ran to the education office, finding my professor. I reminded her of my absence and handed her the paper. She scowled at me, explaining that it needed to be submitted online.
“The website crashed and my flight is leaving in less than an hour,” I said. “You and I both know that when the site goes down, it doesn’t come back up for days. I’ve turned in all of my work and I’m a good student.”
She sighed, pinching her nose. “Fine. I’ll let it slide, but don’t forget the final paper needs to be submitted online. I won’t accept a hard copy of that, Ms. Swan.”
“Thank you!” I smiled, darting out of the office and back to my idling truck. I pushed my car as fast as it could go to SeaTac. Parking in the long-term lot, Rose and I caught the shuttle to the terminal. We checked in and made it just in time for boarding. We settled into our first class seats, thanks to the production company, and finally relaxed on the plane for a week in sunny California, though the week was going to be anything but relaxing. We were going to work our asses off.

That’s putting it mildly. 
"On The Town" from the musical, On The Town

Magalehna, by Sergio Mendes

"Earth Intruders" by Bjork

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