Friday, February 12, 2016

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I dragged my exhausted, battered body up to Esme’s condo. I had just returned from a brutal date with one of her most sadistic clients, Victoria, and her husband, James. I never thought I’d consider Esme to be a lightweight, but after the four hours I’d spent with them, I yearned for Esme’s whips. I collapsed on my bed, laying on my stomach so my back, which was littered with torn and ripped skin, would not come in contact with the sheets.

Every day, I prayed for death.

I couldn’t keep doing this. I just couldn’t. The constant feeling of pain, no sleep, no food and the hanging threat of Felix’s promise of raping me – it was too much. I wanted to die.

“Hmmm, I may have to talk to Victoria and James about causing so much damage to my prize stallion,” Esme tutted, walking into my room.

“Please, mistress,” I cried. “I can’t.”

“I know, pet,” she said, taking out a fluffy towel and gently patting down my aching, scarred back. “I may be a sadist, but making you service me while you’re bleeding like this. That’s just cruel.” She washed my wounds, acting somewhat tender. “I got a phone call today, pet.”

“You did?” I whispered, waiting for the pain to come. Not that I could feel it. I was beyond numb.

“I did. A new client that specifically requested you,” she purred. “I told her that you were a specialty item that you only catered to clients with specific tastes. I asked for proof.”

Oh, God. What is she going to make me do now?

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