Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Restoration Update

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“One last time,” Bella murmured. “Just one last time with the three of us.” She moved out of Edward’s arms and straddled Garrett’s lap. She stared into Garrett’s eyes, running her fingers down his face. With a shy grin, Bella looked at Edward, reaching for his hand. Edward slid closer to two of them. Edward kissed her while she rolled her hips over Garrett’s hardness. She broke away from Edward, looking at Garrett. Picking up his hands, she lay them onto her breasts. Garrett squeezed her breasts while Edward kissed Bella’s neck. “Do you want me, Garrett?”

“Yes,” Garrett whispered. “I want to feel you both.”

Bella moved so she was now hovering over Garrett’s erect dick. Edward palmed her breasts, kissing her neck hungrily. With smirk, she sunk down over Garrett’s hardness, taking him fully inside of her pussy. Edward watched as Bella made love to Garrett, but was eager to join in. On the table, there was some lube. Edward poured some on his fingers, moving his hand to her ass. Spreading the cheeks, he teased her asshole with his fingertips. She gasped, grabbing the back of the couch.

“Oh, fuck,” Garrett growled. “She’s squeezing the life out of me, Ed.”

“You do like it when I fuck your ass, don’t you love?” Edward purred, sliding one finger inside of her rosette. Bella nodded. Her mind was not functioning. She was lost in the feeling of Garrett in her pussy and Edward preparing her ass for him. Edward maneuvered his body so he was straddling one of Garrett’s legs. His cock was covered with lube and he pressed the head of it just past the rim of Bella’s ass. 

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