Sunday, February 21, 2016

Restoration Update

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Marcus had made arrangements for their party to be in a private party room. Everyone was settled in their seats, enjoying beer or wine if they were an adult while Nessie, Alice, Jasper and Marcus’s son, Alex, had pop. Bella was seated between Edward and Garrett. To the right of Garrett was a beautiful brunette with hazel eyes and a warm smile. She was younger than both Garrett and Edward, still going to college part-time. She was about twenty-three, but was paying her own way.

Bella liked her instantly.

She was everything that Garrett needed. A fellow smart-ass with the patience to deal with his snarky comments. Not to mention, brilliant, getting her degree in business/finance.

“Daddy, can I go play on the games with Alice?” Nessie asked, looking up at her dad with her large brown eyes.

Jacob hesitated, afraid to let his daughter go somewhere without him. The attempted abduction by his bitch ex-wife rattled him to the core. Even though Leah was going to be in jail for the weekend, he was still terrified that someone else would sweep her away.

“We’ll go with them,” Bella volunteered, wiping her lips. “Edward, shall we?”

Edward beamed, taking Bella’s hand and walking with Alice, Jasper and little Nessie. Alice and Nessie went directly to the Dance Dance Revolution game, swiping their cards. Jasper was taking pictures with his cell phone, laughing at how Nessie was kicking his girlfriend’s ass. Edward had his arm wrapped around Bella’s waist, kissing her temple every so often. Bella reveled in his sweet affections, adoring every moment of them.

“Miss Bella! Come do this with me!” Nessie laughed, bouncing on the game.

“I’ll try, Nessie,” Bella laughed, walking up to the spot that Alice had vacated. “I’m not a very good dancer.”

“She lies, Nessie,” Alice snickered. “Aunt Bella is a great dancer. Especially on the top of bars.”


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