Monday, February 22, 2016

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I held Bella, sobbing like a freaking baby. I was such a fucking mess. It took Carlisle almost two hours to convince me to go to the hotel. I begged to stay with him. I didn’t want Bella to see me like this.






Carlisle said that she would never forgive him if I didn’t at least see her. He was gentle and patient as I sat in the car in the parking garage, working up the courage to ride up to her penthouse suite. With each passing floor, I was growing more anxious but Carlisle held my hand and told me that I was strong and resilient.

My ass.

Seeing her was too much. She had not changed. If anything, she was far more beautiful than I remembered. Her hair was braided over her shoulder, her alabaster skin was free of all makeup and her eyes were filled with such concern.

Pity, you fool. She pities you.

I couldn’t stand the pity, so I tried to flee. Carlisle calmed me down, explaining that I could stay with Rose if I wanted, or with him, but I didn’t. I wanted to stay with Bella, but I didn’t want her fucking pity. Then, she walked closer to me and I could smell her sweet fragrance. She said that she missed me and she began apologizing. I took her hand, pressing it to my cheek. The warmth of her hand sent shivers down my spine and made my empty heart began beating again. When her other hand cupped my face and her espresso-colored eyes bore into mine as she told me she loved me, I lost it. The tears came down and she pulled me to her body. I collapsed under the weight of what had happened and held her to my chest, letting all of my walls down. 

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