Friday, February 19, 2016

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“Jenks, can’t you work some magic and get us on some judge’s docket?” I whined, pacing in my suite. He was on the phone with the third judge today, trying to get Elizabeth’s care placed with me and not with Esme. We’d provided a doctored marriage certificate, claiming me to be Edward’s wife and proof of abuse with the clerk, but no one was biting. Not yet, at least.

“Thank you,” Jenks sighed, ending his call. “Judge Donnelly has a full docket but suggested Judge Trask. He’s not taking any new cases since he’s this close to retirement.”

“And that helps us how?” I asked, arching a brow. “He’s not taking new cases.”

“This isn’t a case. It’s a removal. All he has to do is sign the order, removing Elizabeth from Esme’s legal guardianship and putting you in her place,” Jenks explained. He searched his phone, grinning when he found the number. “Now, you’re killing my mojo. Go call Rose. See how things are going with Edward.”

I grumbled, walking back to my bedroom and pulling out my cell phone. I dialed Rose, impatiently waiting for her to pick up. “We’re on our way back, Bells,” she said.

“Are you with Edward?” I asked.

“He’s with Carlisle. They’re taking a longer route,” Rose said, her voice unsure. “I think Edward is afraid that we are going to be followed, if you know what I mean.”

“There’s more, Rose,” I said, my stomach churning. “What did she do to him?”

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