Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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“In light of this new evidence, Mr. Volturi, it would seem that the custody dispute over the minor, Vanessa Black, needs to be amended,” the judge assigned to Jacob’s divorce proceeding droned on. Judge Snow usually sided with the mother, but the private detectives who worked for Volturi and Volturi discovered Leah Black’s deep, dark secret. “Any and all visitation between Leah Black and the minor, Vanessa Black, has been suspended until further notice.”

“WHAT?!” bellowed Leah. “That’s horse shit!”

“Ms. Black, that’s $500 fine for using such profanity in my courtroom. One more outburst and you will be held in contempt of court, spending the night in the lockup,” Judge Snow growled. Leah clamped her mouth shut, glaring at the judge. “Until corroboration of the new evidence brought forth today by Mr. Volturi and Ms. Swan regarding Ms. Black’s extracurricular activities, you will not be allowed to visit your daughter. However, in keeping things static for Vanessa, she will remain in the care of Doctor and Mrs. Cullen in Forks until my final ruling has been determined.”

“Your honor, what about Mr. Black’s visitation?” Marcus asked.

“His visitation status will not change,” Judge Snow said. “Court is adjourned. My office will contact you regarding reconvening to determine my final ruling.” He banged the gavel and got up, heading back into his chambers.

Marcus and Bella put their belongings into their bags. Jacob was confused as to why the judge hadn’t granted him full custody. Vanessa, sitting between Carlisle and Essie, was equally as confused. Across the aisle, Leah was screaming with her attorney, trying to get her fine removed and information as to why the judge removed her visitation rights. “Come on,” Marcus said, guiding Jacob away from his irate ex-wife. “I’ll discuss your case in a conference room. I’m sorry about the last minute change. Thank you for coming today.”

“Yeah, sure,” Jacob said, following Marcus and Bella into a small conference room. Nessie ran up to her dad, snuggling in his arms. He sat down, holding her onto his lap and running his fingers through her long, black hair. “The court date was scheduled for two weeks from now. I get this phone call from your paralegal, saying that the date has moved up due to new evidence. What’s the deal?”

“As you know, we’ve had our private detectives following your ex-wife,” Marcus began. 

Jacob Black

Nessie Black

Bella Swan

Marcus Volturi

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