Monday, February 15, 2016

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Carlisle left a few hours later, after attending to some older wounds. When Esme asked for the bill, he waved it off. Esme offered him one of her girls, but he muttered that he was gay and in a committed relationship. He took his bag and left. Esme gave me a scowl, dragging me from my room and into the kitchen. “Carlisle said that you needed food since you lost so much blood.” She put a plate in front of me. It was a steak, veggies and a baked potato. “I know that we’ve been hard on you, Edward.”

Hard, I snorted mentally. I’ve been scarred and broken beyond all recognition. “Thank you for the meal, mistress,” I whispered, picking up the utensils.

“I’m only feeding you since you have a big date tomorrow, Edward,” she said, putting a glass of water in front of me. “Mistress Marie is so excited to have someone to submit, bending to her every whim. However, you may be hers for the next three days, but you’ll always, always be mine.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m yours,” I repeated.

“Now, eat up and then you can go to sleep. I want you to be rested for your date,” she said, gliding away and shutting herself into her office. I ate what I could, focusing on the steak. The vegetables and potato didn’t look very appetizing. Plus, my stomach was unsettled from the lidocaine Carlisle gave me to stitch up my back and the pain killers, too.

Once I finished my meal, I did my dishes and stumbled back to my room. I found a bag in my room and a suit hanging on the door. It was my outfit for the next day. I reached under my bed and grabbed my cell phone, the money from my tips and the few nick knacks I had from my old life. I tossed them into the bag that was in my room.

I was never coming back to this hell. Finally, I would be free of Esme and be able to live my life. 



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