Sunday, February 14, 2016

Restoration Update

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Edward blinked his eyes open. The sun was just peaking over the horizon. Bella was strewn across his chest, snoring quietly. Her hair was a tangle of mahogany curls. He traced the beautiful ink on her back, frowning at what they represented. The wings represented the loss of her father and her inability to carry a child. They were gorgeous, but the story behind them was so sad. Edward wanted nothing more than to be with Bella forever, get married, have babies and be a family. They had a long way to go before that was even feasible, but it’s what he wanted.

Last night, Edward even had the most wonderful dream of Bella’s stomach swollen with his child and the magical birth of their son. He woke up, sobbing and desperately wanting it. Ever since his mother’s death, Edward’s father had been distant, but supportive Edward’s endeavors. Though, he wasn’t a father. He never doted on Edward and there was a distance between them. Edward wanted to have children so he could be the father that his never was. He didn’t care if the children were his biologically or if they were adopted. He just wanted it all with Bella.

One step at a time, Masen. Court her. Woo her. She needs her faith in love restored, Edward thought to himself. Up until that point, their relationship was based on sex, sex and more sex. Not necessarily the healthiest of relationships.

However, feeling her pressed against his body made him stir. One more time before he’d turn on the romance. He rolled Bella gently onto her back. Her bare form was gorgeous in the daylight in the massive bedroom. Her pale skin glowed ethereally. Her nipples were hard from the sudden temperature change. Edward sat up, running his fingers up and down her translucent skin. Moving, he kissed Bella’s neck and made his way down her lithe body. She moaned, shifting on the bed and spreading her legs. Edward looked between her legs and saw how wet she was. His barely-there kisses were working their magic. 

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