Saturday, February 13, 2016

La Musica del Cuore

COMING SOON!!! La Musica del Cuore, the sequel to La Cantante! Thank you to Clo Rodeffer for the beautiful banner. Here's a sneak peak into the summary ...

Four years after "Breaking Midnight" burst onto the music scene, they are the biggest and most successful alternative band, winning numerous awards and taking the world by storm. Their fame, celebrity and happiness, they come at a cost. What lies ahead for the band and music's favorite 'it' couple? Twists and turns in their lives and a threat from a ghost from the past linger, but all that matters is that the music and the love keeps them together; La Musica del Cuore 

I'm hoping to start posting this story mid to late March. I'm working on the story outline now. Many of you were asking for the sequel to La Cantante, but I was working on during my mother's passing and most of what I created was emotionally charged. So, I've revisited it and yeah, here ya go. This will be posted similarly to So You Think You Can Dance, on every other week. This will be posted on Saturdays, mainly, with periodic teasers here, on my original blog. 

Keep your eyes peeled for an extended summary at some point in the next few weeks. Hugs to you all! :-)

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