Thursday, January 28, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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I’d never felt such a pull to someone as I felt with Bella Swan. She was beautiful, sweet, and sexy and one of the most elegant, beautiful, talented dancers I’d ever seen. Watching her on that stage as she danced to “Angel” for her father, my heart nearly burst through my chest as I watched her memorialize the supportive, loving man who left this earth far too soon.
“Ed! You want to go out and get some Voodoo Donuts?” asked Emmett, rubbing his belly. “I’m starving like a Marvin!”
I slipped my cell phone back into my pocket, feeling it vibrate. I wondered if Bella responded, but I’d check in a moment. “Probably not, Em. Today, being here all day, was a bit much. I’m going back to the hotel and I’m crashing after I inhale some food,” I snickered.
“Come on! Live a little! Voodoo Donuts have a donut with bacon!” Emmett said, pulling me toward the stage door. “Plus, I want to hear all about that hot little brunette you were talking to. She’s smokin!”
I rolled my eyes, allowing him to drag me out to garage where my rental car was parked. He clambered into the passenger seat while I eased into the driver’s side. With a sigh, I drove to the donut place, buying a dozen donuts and driving us back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel, Emmett followed me into my room. “Are you sleeping here, too?” I quipped, digging through my bag for a fresh pair of boxers and some sleep pants.
“Nah!” he answered, spraying his food all over the table. “I just want to hear about your hottie!”
“You are such a girl, Emmett,” I snickered, going into the bathroom and locking the door. I pulled out my cell phone and saw that Bella had, indeed, texted back.
You are such a smooth-talker, Edward. I’m blushing. Rose is teasing me saying that my face is causing people to stop since I’m so red. However, thank you for being there for me and I will have sweet dreams because of you. Call me whenever. Rose and I are heading back on the road around eleven ~ Bella xx
“Are you jerking off?” Emmett laughed.

“You’re an ass,” I grumbled, turning on the water and quickly typing out a reply. 


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