Friday, January 29, 2016

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“He won’t wake up, Esme,” came the fuzzy voice of Felix. He kicked my back, causing me to groan. “Why won’t he wake up?”

“We’ve been working him over for the past eight weeks. His body must have just given out,” Esme cooed.

“But, I wanted to fuck him until he bled,” Felix snarled.

“Felix, that’s too much, too far,” Esme snapped. “Because of your insolence, you lost your privilege to claim his ass. Besides, I’d rather he enjoy it. Now, he’s running a fever and delirious. Go get Dr. Gerandy. He can help us out.”

“So, no playtime with Edward?” Felix asked.

“Nope. I’d rather my victims be coherent and active participants,” Esme snickered, sitting on my bed and wiping brow with a damp cloth. I shifted, trying to get away from her. But, I was weak and sore and so tired. “Are you still here? Go!”

“Fine,” Felix snapped, stomping out of my room.

“It was a matter of time before you fell apart, Edward,” Esme said, her voice sickeningly sweet. Her hand threaded in my hair, pulling it harshly. “You are so pitiful. You know that this illness will be added to your bill. If you keep this up, you’ll never be able to pay me back, Edward.”

I opened my eyes. Esme was blurry and every part of my body was in excruciating pain. “I know that I will owe you, but please. Give me some time to heal, Mistress.”

She pursed her lips, getting up from her perch on my bed. “I shouldn’t be so accommodating, Edward. However, like I said before, I prefer my victims to be coherent and active participants,” she said. With a scowl, she left and came back with a bottle of water and some Advil. “You have two days to get better, Edward. Dr. Gerandy will see to all of your needs.” She got up, leaving me in my room. I collapsed against the bed and closed my eyes again. 

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